Rules of Origin: Marking, Government Procurement, and Free Trade Agreements

Jun 18, 2018 14:00

Webcast Overview:

Country of Origin determinations are foundational to a range of Customs requirements, but the rules around such determinations can vary, creating additional complexity for trade professionals.  Beyond traditional areas of focus on origin, such as Free Trade Agreements, the recent White House focus on reducing imports of products originating from particular countries, has increased the importance of determining the proper country of origin, and the consequences of such determination. 

Please join KPMG LLP’s Global Trade professionals to learn about industry “best practices” and current insights around Country of Origin determinations.   

This Webcast is of greatest interest to import and export compliance and trade professionals and executives.


Gisele Belotto

Gisele Belotto

Managing Director, Trade and Customs, KPMG (US)

Jessica Libby

Jessica Libby

Managing Director, Trade & Customs, KPMG (US)