Michael Gaiso

Managing Director, DPP


Mike is a managing director in KPMG’s National Office with more than 27 years of accounting experience. He is the co-leader of National Office – Presentations, where he manages National Office involvement in technical accounting presentations. 

During his career, Mike has focused on the technical accounting complexities surrounding derivatives and hedging, structured finance, consolidation, financial asset impairment, debt versus equity classification, financial asset transfers, revenue recognition, and fair value measurement under both US GAAP and IFRS.

In addition, Mike’s National Office responsibilities include: assisting in forming KPMG’s official interpretations of the accounting literature, advising audit teams on complex and emerging accounting issues, providing input for comment letters to the FASB, monitoring the FASB projects, developing and presenting technical accounting training, and contributing to KPMG publications.

Mike has provided training to various companies on financial instruments under US GAAP and/or IFRS and has been a featured speaker at global conferences, executive education seminars, webcasts, accounting roundtables, and technical accounting panels.

Michael Gaiso

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