Kerri Drozd

Director, Customer Solutions


Kerri Drozd is a Director in KPMG’s Customer Solutions practice, which helps organizations drive growth through customer-centric transformation initiatives across marketing, sales and service. Kerri’s specialties include customer experience, omnichannel and digital/social/mobile strategy –intersecting humanity, data and technology to foster meaningful, loyal customer relationships. Kerri is a certified global trainer of KPMG’s CX transformation methodology and a lead of our enterprise digital transformation research and method, “Connected Enterprise.”

Kerri has over 15 years’ experience in retail and consumer goods from back office operations to front office customer and business strategy. She has applied expertise across a variety of sectors including hospitality, technology & telecommunications, manufacturing, education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and financial services.

Kerri has been with KPMG for 6 years and prior to that held roles in both corporate and nonprofit organizations working on customer experience management, digital enterprise strategy, strategic marketing and employee enablement.


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