SXSW Debrief: Startups, Capital, and Implications on Enterprise Talent

KPMG's J.J. Malfettone on his takeaways from SXSW's Accelerator Pitch Event - and how startups + increased capital are impacting the war on talent for enterprises:

Big Tech, celebrities, and industry icons tend to dominate the headlines of SXSW year after year – for example, Elon Musk’s 5-minute surprise visit to HBO’s Westworld talk drew extensive press coverage. The event itself is massive, a sensory overload – so focusing efforts and attention becomes key. This year, I focused on the startups bringing innovative new offerings and business models to bear, hustling around the conference pitching their business and grabbing VCs for 60 seconds after every panel discussion. For these companies, SXSW has a track called Startup Accelerator, a pitch event.

In particular, I was most interested in the Accelerator Pitch Event for the Enterprise and Smart Data Technologies category. These companies seek to improve productivity for businesses and/or individuals by using big data including data collection, management, analysis, presentation, interpretation, and augmentation.

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