Digital enablement

KPMG can help you execute your strategy across your organization, from capabilities building, to cultural transformation, to product management.

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Digital strategy

From organizational change to business model development, shaping products and services to achieving comprehensive portfolio management, we offer custom solutions to address a diverse range of strategic issues and help you reach your business goals.

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Whether your strategy was developed by our digital team or in-house, KPMG can help you execute it across your organization, from capabilities building, to cultural transformation, to product management.

Factors such as culture, organization, processes, governance, and tools can all have an impact on the success (or failure) of a business strategy. We help businesses navigate the challenging process of turning ideas into reality and validating them for success.

KPMG digital enablement services include:

Design enablement

From concept to solutions design to planning for functional production issues, Design Enablement takes a human-centered approach to solving business challenges while creating a positive experience for end-users.

Product management

Our approach reframes software as a product that lives within a broader ecosystem of offerings. It can speed entry to market and help maximize value from new releases while strengthening your overall portfolio.

Agile transformation

At the same time, we advise on achieving Agile Transformation to enhance the effectiveness of design and development capabilities, and applying the developer operations (Dev Ops) framework to build and release software quickly and more incrementally, without compromising service, quality or security.

Cultural transformation

A successful organization in the digital age is one that embraces change and makes continual evolution an asset and way of life. Cultural Transformation is therefore a key part of KPMG’s services, helping instill the kind of innovative, entrepreneurial, creative culture found in companies leading the digital space.


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