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KPMG Forensic works with organizations to help them in their efforts to achieve the highest level of integrity.

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Integrity in adversity: Raising the standard of corporate behavior

When fraud spikes, corporate integrity protects.

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Enhanced by technology and infused with real-world insight, KPMG Forensic professionals transform how clients identify, mitigate, and respond to risk, saving time and money. We assist businesses to effectively manage the costs and risks of complying with new regulations and enforcement activity. We help assess, design, and implement internal controls and compliance programs to mitigate vulnerabilities to fraud and misconduct and assist in the prevention, detection, and response to fraud, waste, abuse, and other forms of misconduct.

We understand that helping clients meet their business challenges, manage risk, and navigate the dangers of costly and disruptive litigation and investigations begins with an in-depth understanding of the industries in which they work.

We bring together the right industry experience to better meet the distinct needs of our clients and deliver real results.


The best part of my job: KPMG Forensic

In the Forensic practice, we often help clients in difficult situations. Our clients seek a knowledgeable, experienced, and diverse team to manage risk and investigate misconduct. Listen to leaders speak in their own words about why they love being part of the KPMG family and working in the Forensic practice specifically.

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