Sales effectiveness
Sales effectiveness

Sales transformation and customer relationship management

Your sales function can go beyond just generating revenue to build your brand and relationships, too.

Ever-evolving sales channels. Industry disruption. A focus on metrics over customers. An overextended salesforce. Rising sales technology costs. The sales function is challenged to increase revenue while dealing with new and unexpected hurdles. While the core purpose of sales is to generate new revenue and customers, as the business environment becomes more customer-centric, sales is beginning to play a critical role in strengthening brands and expanding relationships with existing customers.

KPMG’s Customer Advisory practice can help your company generate higher revenue and better margins by transforming your sales function. Leveraging unique, proprietary diagnostic analysis tools, our experienced professionals can help you identify the capabilities you need to improve sales performance and develop a strategic, manageable and cost-effective action-plan to advance those capabilities and put them to work. We can help you:

  • increase customer focus
  • free up frontline staff to focus on selling
  • identify new market opportunities
  • align your sales strategy and model across channels
  • leverage data and analytics across the sales cycle
  • improve operational efficiencies at the front line
  • empower your sales teams with the right tools, training and culture

KPMG sales effectiveness capabilities

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