Connected enterprise
Connected enterprise

KPMG Connected enterprise

Meet customer expectations and enhance profitability by connecting your front, middle office and back offices.

It’s time to get connected

In today’s fast-changing, competitive market, it’s more important than ever to create an excellent customer experience. When customers have unlimited information and choice, your organization can live or die by the way it delivers services, responds to issues and manages expectations.

And if you’re like many organizations, you may struggle to deliver value to customers while delivering a meaningful return to the company. This is often due to a focus only on customer-facing operations.

To successfully deliver on the promises made to customers, companies need to align their entire organization and become a connected enterprise. Connecting the front office (such as sales, and marketing) to the middle office (such as delivery and operations) to the back office (such as HR, finance and IT) ensures that your organization is focused on meeting customer expectations, and in turn, enhancing profitability.

It enables your organization to be agile and truly customer-centric, connected both internally and externally.

Creating a KPMG connected customer enterprise

View this infographic for ways to realize the full value of an omnichannel customer experience approach.


Focus on eight characteristics to build a connected enterprise

KPMG-commissioned research by Forrester revealed that the most successful organizations invest in eight characteristics that span all attributes of the customer experience. These characteristics:

  • focus on product, pricing and customer strategy to deliver relevant, innovative products and services.
  • enable the design of personalized customer experiences that meet expectations through responsive operations and seamless, secure transactions. 
  • ensure that partners and vendors are aligned to delivering on the customer promise, and harness data & analytics to enable informed decision making. 
  • ensure an agile technology architecture and a talent management strategy that balances the right workforce with the right talent.

Our data shows that organizations that have been investing in the eight characteristics are twice as likely to be successful. Learn about the characteristics in our whitepaper Competing for growth and then contact us to start your journey toward being a connected enterprise.


Is your business customer-centric? Register for our free diagnostic tool to find out.


1. Take the survey

Answer key questions to assess how customer-focused your business is in each of eight capabilities.

2. View your results

The diagnostic assessment results use charts to show how customer-centric your organization is against industry competitors and market benchmarks

3. Customize and download

Choose which benchmarks you want to appear on your graphical report, download and share.

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