Casinos play their next hand

How casino operators can power their recovery by addressing customer health and safety expectations and engaging the next generation of gaming enthusiasts.

Rick Arpin

Rick Arpin

Office Managing Partner, Las Vegas, KPMG US

+1 725-224-6180

Although casinos large and small from coast to coast are reopening, myriad uncertainties remain about whether customers will return, why or why not, and what casino operators can do to improve their luck in getting them back sooner. KPMG and the International Gaming Institute (IGI) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, surveyed casino resort customers and operators to get a better sense of the challenges.

For an industry reeling from the shock of COVID-19, we have some good news. If operators take action to position themselves for maximum customer engagement, satisfaction and spending, a significant number of casino customers we surveyed would come back within the next 12 months. Findings also suggest that these actions could help win over the next generation of casino enthusiasts.

Clearly, the business environment and consumer sentiment continue to evolve at a seemingly unprecedented pace during reopening. Even so, our findings provide gaming company executives with the following near-term and forward-looking insights:

  • How casinos can best address health and safety concerns to encourage customers to return as soon as possible
  • Where and how to implement and communicate health and safety protocols and messages for maximum impact
  • Strategies to target all-new customer segments and ensure competitive differentiation going forward
  • ·A framework for enhancing future health and safety measures beyond initial implementation