Top 10 considerations for impactful internal audit for 2019

Top 10 considerations for impactful internal audit departments in 2019 outlines areas where IA should focus to effectively add value.

The opportunity for internal audit (IA) to maximize its influence on an organization and help respond to risk is ever-increasing. IA departments should be challenging the status quo to reduce risk, improve controls, and identify efficiencies and cost benefits across the organization. For 2019, KPMG believes the top 10 areas to focus on for maximium IA potential are:

1.       Intelligent Automation

2.       Data insights

3.       Technology transformation

4.       Cybersecurity

5.       Compliance and regulations

6.       Distributed enterprise

7.       Culture risk

8.       Corporate responsibility

9.       Anti-bribery/anti-corruption

10.     Workforce demographics