KPMG's chief compliance officer survey

The compliance journey: Boosting the value of compliance in a changing regulatory climate

2021 survey results are now available

In a time of new U.S. administrative impacts to the regulatory environment, determining how to boost the value you get from your compliance activities is critical. Advances to your compliance program effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability fall to the execution of both a sound compliance framework and investments in your technology infrastructure. For Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs), this starts with gaining a clear picture of where they stand in their compliance journeys.

To explore how well organizations are meeting challenges, KPMG conducted a CCO survey which identified strengths, weaknesses, and trends in compliance programs across major organizations in seven industries. We believe our point-of-view on the survey results may provide CCOs with vital information on how peer organizations are managing compliance, and also highlight leading practices.

Read the full report to discover better compliance practices and trends:

  • Ways in which the Board of Directors are extending their compliance oversight
  • How organizations are embedding a compliance culture across their enterprise and involving lines of business in compliance initiatives
  • How organizations hold employees accountable for compliance and communicate the importance of compliance
  • How organizations embed regulatory and compliance obligations and Code of Conduct requirements in their policies and procedures
  • How organizations can better keep pace with regulatory changes
  • How organizations are approaching compliance risk assessment
  • To what extent CCOs are leveraging technology in their compliance efforts