KPMG Digital Responder

Digital Responder can help reduce spend, maintain integrity and increase the effectiveness of response to a cyber incident.

KPMG Digital Responder offers an advanced approach, responding to cyber incidents by increasing responsive effectiveness and efficiency by automating common forensic triage tasks in a timely and consistent manner.

Maintaining integrity in the investigation process by using industry-leading collection and preservation methods and reducing organizational spend by providing predictability. Whether it's investigating an insider threat such as detecting the risky behavior of a departing employee or when your IT security team identifies a compromise or threat within your network, Digital Responder can accelerate the response with forensic precision.

First, Digital Responder is used to perform a targeted collection of forensic artifacts from a live system or disk image. In parallel, it can analyze files to uncover malware undetectable by antivirus software. The collected data is then securely transferred to KPMG Cyber Operations Center where Digital Responder automatically analyzes the data leveraging leading forensic data analytic techniques.

Finally, KPMG's cyber specialists review and deliver a tailored report which can provide early insights and actionable findings in hours. This could help formulate questions such as "Why did you transfer 200 confidential files to a non company removable storage device" or "Why did you search how to secure the delete files" Digital Responder can be used to determine what information and systems were impacted by the malware, what may still be at risk and identify areas of remediation.

The  KPMG Digital Responder tool is designed to be simple and effective and most importantly aligned with the business needs of our clients.

KPMG Digital responder
Managing spend for digital forensic and incident response services

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