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Empowered employees propel change

KPMG and Workday helped a global vehicle rental company simplify self-service HR, enabling an employee experience that reflects its can-do culture.

Claude Ferguson

Claude Ferguson

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Global vehicle rental company
Workday HCM implementation
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Client challenge

Proud of their entrepreneurial spirit, every year, this global vehicle rental company hires and trains thousands of college graduates before placing them in customer-facing roles, with steady encouragement to build their careers. In turn, an empowered workforce has propelled the company to its position as one of the world’s largest car rental operators and industry leaders in mobility and technology.

Facing several challenges, company leadership sought a Human Resources (HR) employee experience that reflected its “can-do” culture. Multiple global brands with decentralized HR operating models, each with their own manually intensive processes, along with a tech-savvy workforce with high expectations for self service convenience, drove our client to replace its Human HR processes and technology. KPMG came alongside our client to help transform their HR practices, evidence of the company’s commitment to its 100,000 employees.

Benefits to client

KPMG helped our client redesign and implement an innovative operating model that embeds HR leading practices supported by the Workday Human Capital Management cloud platform. This approach delivered features that tech savvy employees value. Specific benefits include:

  • HR workstreams simplified, standardized, and automated for core HR, onboarding, benefits, leave administration, and performance processes
  • employee self-service features Simplified HR self-service support allowed more than 100,000 employees to have more time to focus on their customers
  • access to self-service features on employees’ mobile phones created more efficient time management and displayed tangible evidence of the company’s commitment to their success
  • corporate culture of workforce empowerment strengthened with practical tools that save managers and employees time and effort
  • capacity for innovation and continued business process improvement contained in the Workday solution.


KPMG combined deep Workday knowledge and its Powered Enterprise approach to create an industry-leading HR operating model. The KPMG team:

  • used Powered Enterprise to configure the out-of-the-box capabilities of Workday’s Human Capital Management solution to the company’s business, including process models, controls, organizational model, roles, description, and performance management
  • used the HR-specific delivered assets within Powered Enterprise HR to redesign selected processes to better align with global leading practices
  • conducted 50 distinct technical integrations, and used the delivered assets from Powered Enterprise to convert to a single, global platform on Workday
  • integrated and migrated 13 months of transactional data and selected historic data (full job histories) to a single Workday cloud repository.

KPMG insights

We know Workday

We use the insights gained from our 12-year Workday technology alliance to help clients quickly leverage their Workday investment, including the embedding of functional leading practices. We’ve completed more than 250 Workday implementations all over the world.

Decisive leaders want to move quickly 

The preconfigured assets and technology accelerators delivered by Powered Enterprise lets ambitious leadership teams take advantage of embedded leading practices to speed up the decision-making process while instilling confidence.

Employees are consumers, too

Leading organizations understand that employee expectations for ease-of-use in a self-service environment are conditioned by their experiences as consumers outside the workplace. We bring a consumer-informed, end-user focus to process and technology.

This client's corporate culture of workforce empowerment is now strengthened with practical HR tools that save managers and employees time and effort.