Big data and big tires

KPMG helped a major tire manufacturer provide tire usage and performance data to fleet customers so that they can make informed purchasing decisions.

A major tire manufacturer
Leveraging data to enable customers to make informed purchase decisions
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Client challenge

Quality is the driving passion for this client, a major manufacturer of premium tires. The company strives for quality products and quality service for all their customers, including the owners of trucking fleets and other commercial vehicles. The company has collected massive amounts of data about their tires—how they are used by customers, how they wear, retread history, pricing, warranties, and other factors. 

However, the company needed a better way for customers and sales representatives to readily access and leverage this data. The goal was more time directly with customers, and less time trying to get the desired information. 

Benefits to client

KPMG developed an interactive online portal and reporting tool for this company while also coordinating the efforts of internal stakeholders and multiple vendors during the project. The portal leverages the company’s collected tire usage and performance data so its commercial customers can gain greater insights into buying decisions for tires. 

Sales representatives can now collaborate more closely and effectively with their customers. With an easy-to-use dashboard, users click into a variety of categorized data visualizations, then further filter and explore the underlying data. Sales representatives can send customized reports in minutes, with charts and graphs that allow share critical information easily. Reducing time spent in pulling reports increases the number of touch points and time spent advising customers. 

Furthermore, since the company is a premium tire company, finding ways to show its customers the value of additional investment is critical to success.


The KPMG team was brought in to help identify how the company could maintain market share for its retread and new tire business, specifically for commercial trucking and bus tires. In support of that goal, an online customer portal was identified as a means to help improve customer experience, provide quick and easy access to tire usage data, and support sales representatives as they interacted with customers.

We fulfilled the planning, solution design, and development positions for the portal. The positions supported client coordination and planning, project management and administration, application design, creation of specifications for technical planning and services, user interface development, services architecture and specification planning and creation, services integration, and system architecture planning and implementation. 

We also coordinated the efforts of internal stakeholders and vendors, using an approach that provided a new system in a much shorter time than a typical waterfall approach might have taken.

KPMG insights

Leverage your data

Data is one of the most valuable assets a company can have, and its value increases with the ability to gather, manage, analyze, and share the data internally and with customers.

Communicate your knowledge

Online portals enhance the customer experience, provide access to visualizations of accurate, timely data that can be easily shared and interpreted. Portals can also position a company as a customer-focused leader in technology.

Invest in your infrastructure

Data and data delivery systems need to be supported by a solid IT infrastructure. Updates and enhancements should be recognized as not just mission-critical but business-critical. 


Our approach to coordinating stakeholders and vendors provided a new customer portal more quickly than a typical waterfall approach.