Rapid growth calls for transformed IT

KPMG helped a trailblazing wireless service provider adapt IT culture to focus on repeatable and sustainable processes, controls and governance.

A U.S. provider of wireless services
IT culture and change management
  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
  • Approach
  • KPMG insights

Client challenge

This wireless provider made quite an impression when it entered the cutthroat wireless industry, gaining recognition and accolades for excellence and their ability to quickly bring innovative offerings to market. But as they learned, rapid—and sizable—growth can be a two-edged sword.

Exponential growth took a toll on quality and consistency. Growing pains were distracting the teams from staying focused on their mission of creating delighted customers. An internal review confirmed what they knew: Their people were feeling the pressure of success and, as a result, processes were becoming sluggish.

Our client needed to reassess what had become an extremely complex IT environment in a company that had quickly grown from 50 to 300 people. They had to refine their youthful, trailblazing corporate culture that helped the company achieve immense success in its early days. And they had to do it without compromising their impressive speed or customer service.

Benefits to client

Our client was ready to change. So KPMG helped transform the IT organization’s processes for enhanced responsiveness and innovation. Our two teams cultivated a new mindset through change management and readiness activities.

The fact that the process was fun, well-publicized, and employee-oriented made a tremendous impact. As a result, employees truly came to appreciate and value the processes, and demonstrate the traits that make teamwork work. It was an ideal way to create an engaged company dynamic and process control maturity while creating predictable, successful outcomes.

As a result the company is benefiting from:

  • engaged, efficient, and accountable employees
  • a corporate culture focused on practices, control, and governance
  • a transformed IT organization that delivers effective and secure innovation while maintaining their wellknown velocity.


How do you completely change corporate mindset without negatively impacting speed—and the feeling of being valued that our client gave its cost-focused customers?

KPMG created joint cross-functional process teams with capabilities ranging from people and change to CIO advisory, digital enablement, and finance for a complete perspective. As one team, we transformed the client’s IT organization to deliver innovation more effectively and securely and make its business processes more sustainable and repeatable. The client’s employees became a pivotal part of the evolutionary process to renew their focus on quality, efficiency, and accountability.

KPMG insights

Time to grow up

The client’s new profile and pace called for a team mentality overhaul and processes that could handle the pressure. Our combined teams took a creative approach. They shared the new strategy via clever ongoing communications, change workshops, and by keeping their original “voice”. The two teams showcased process teams to reinforce the value in repeatability and sustainability. This created a culture that earned the parent company’s admiration and created service that kept our client’s customers smiling.

Timing really is everything

Strong leadership stimulated great success during the company’s youth and growth. A new CIO who came on board later was committed to supporting the change and maturity processes underway. There was more than adoption; there was a culture infiltration that took hold throughout the organization. Together, our team brought out the best in their people, with creative ways of defining our client’s future and generating real change.

The change process was fun, well-publicized, and employee-oriented.