Securing the big picture

KPMG helped a global media company select a technology platform to improve IT security and collaboration while reducing costs.

A global media company
Technology, media and telecommunications
Improving collaboration with a common technology platform
  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
  • Approach
  • KPMG insights

Client challenge

Our client faced both internal and external challenges. Internally, this major media company wanted to consolidate dozens of different technologies to foster more effective and efficient collaboration among business units globally. Externally, the company needed to get a better understanding of the status of its data stored around the world and to ensure it was secure against hackers and other potential threats.

Benefits to client

KPMG LLP (KPMG) worked with the company to develop a solution using Microsoft Office 365® to provide a common technology platform throughout the company. This platform provides three key benefits: 

  • improved IT security 
  • the capability for collaboration across business groups
  • the ability to reduce costs as the business sunsets legacy systems.

As a result of our engagement, a solution was developed that met the majority of the client’s requirements and had a positive return on investment. Our client was able to use KPMG’s cost analysis to include Office 365 implementation plans in their next fiscal year budget and the company has engaged KPMG to help it develop a new IT operating model.


Facing the challenges of improving collaboration across multiple business groups and ensuring the security of its data, this major media company engaged KPMG to help identify the right technology solution. Our involvement included:

  • establishing a partnership with Microsoft: KPMG provided the overall understanding of the business requirements, including the change to business processes and organizations, risk attributes, cost, and governance; Microsoft provided the technical solution.
  • meeting with key business and technology leaders to understand the current state and their set of collaboration requirements
  • conducting a series of steering meetings to prioritize requirements that Microsoft then used as the foundation for a solution architecture
  • working with Microsoft to develop a detailed cost/benefit analysis based on the prioritized requirements
  • creating an opinion about the feasibility of the proposed solution based on risk, technical, and functional requirements
  • engaging with key leaders to help ensure they were on board with the solution.

KPMG insights

Consider the big picture

The introduction of solutions such as Office 365 has broad implications on business processes, users, and operations. Many companies make the mistake of considering only the technical impact of new solutions, but it’s critical to think about the big picture from the beginning.

Bring in the right specialists

When you look at the big picture, you may see a need to draw on the experience of specialists in multiple risk, include cybersecurity specialists. If the move will have an impact on the way employees work, be sure to engage people and change specialists.

The soft stuff is hard work

Managing operational and organizational changes and their impact on people often is harder than implementing the technical solution itself. Those who specialize in the softer side of business can help plan for and then manage what can become a major risk.

Managing operational and organizational changes and their impact on people often is harder than implementing a technical solution itself.