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Securing next-gen business and IT capabilities

KPMG helped a global enterprise security solution provider automate revenue management processes and transform corporate services using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Vijay Subramanyam

Vijay Subramanyam

Principal, Advisory, KPMG LLP

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Rohit Ravindran

Rohit Ravindran

Principal, Advisory Platforms, KPMG US

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A global enterprise security solution provider
Streamline Quote to Cash (Q2C) processes
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Client challenge

This global cybersecurity software company was growing rapidly when it encountered challenges typical of such growth: the need to make smarter and faster decisions while reducing fixed costs. Processes, technologies, and business models were increasingly misaligned. Labor-intensive, manual processes needed to be automated and on-premise, client-server core business applications needed to be replaced with a cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application. The reporting and dashboards across systems lacked meaningful business intelligence record-to-report, procure-to-pay, order-to-cash and revenue recognition cycle.

Seeing the need for a trusted business adviser, the company turned to KPMG for help with project management and to drive transformation enabling technologies to support its ambitious business growth.

Benefits to client

The KPMG Powered Enterprise approach helped implement fit-for-purpose processes, an operating model, and future-state roadmap that have:


automated compliance with revenue recognition standards and decreased overall period-end close cycle time by 50 percent


integrated the ERP and revenue management systems, increasing the number of fully touchless transactions from creation to revenue recognition by 70 percent


automated quoting, order creation, and invoicing for 40 percent of the channel reseller business, with plans to fully automate by early 2021

Further, this client benefits from:

  • centralized and automated the product and pricing setup process so that it takes hours, not days, to load new products into their systems
  • reduced onboarding time for newly acquired entities from two months to three weeks.


KPMG was initially engaged to project manage the implementation of revenue recognition software. In turn, that led to involvement in Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud ERP implementation—testing and data conversion assistance. As we earned our client’s confidence with on-time, on-budget project delivery and strong professional consulting skills, KPMG was entrusted to tackle several key areas central to scaling their business:

  • We managed the implementation of an advanced tool that automates revenue processes and reporting to help the client comply with new revenue recognition standards. We helped design, build, and implement the integration between the front office Customer Relationship Management, Revenue Recognition and back-office Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud ERP application. A unified vision and process was put in place, connecting all three systems via an integration platform and a future target operating model that streamlined the wide-ranging quote-to-cash process.
  • The upgrade to Dynamics 365 required integrating with an online cloud architecture and third-party systems; this meant complying with more robust security requirements. KPMG developed customizations and processes to foster successful integration.
  • To help facilitate the quoting and order creation process for channel resellers, who represent 90 percent of the client’s business, we automated the process and helped the company leverage advanced features of the Dynamics 365 cloud ERP by adopting leading practices to automate, streamline, and simplify processes.

KPMG insights

Clients want advisors with a deep understanding of their chosen technology solutions

KPMG drew upon our established global alliance with Microsoft that includes specialized practice groups for the company’s Dynamics, Azure, and Office 365 cloud platforms; thousands of Microsoft-certified professionals; and hundreds of successful digital collaborations in almost every sector and business function.

Decisive organizations want to move quickly

The KPMG Powered Enterprise approach distills our cumulative experience and leading practices into prebuilt and tested components that help clients leapfrog generic issues and accelerate implementation of their objectives.

In long-lasting relationships, the simple things matter the most

We communicate in a timely and open fashion and follow through on our promises. In the course of a dozen engagements with this client over the past two years, we have never missed project milestones or gone over budget.

KPMG has been a valued business partner, helping us implement Q2C tools while sharing best practices that will further streamline our Q2C processes. As our company experiences rapid growth, the KPMG partnership has become an integral part of facilitating our success by helping our team scale with our goal of doing more with less.
Client VP of Revenue Accounting


To learn more, connect with Vijay Subramanyam on revenue management or Rohit Ravindran on leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365.