HR enables better patient care

KPMG helped a growing skilled nursing provider deploy Workday HCM technology so it can integrate new employees quickly.

A California-based healthcare provider
Transforming the human resources system
  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
  • Approach
  • KPMG insights

Client challenge

Our client, a fast-growing healthcare group that operates more than 60 skilled-nursing centers, wanted its 10,000 employees to focus on providing the best patient care possible and not get distracted from their mission-critical jobs by HR-related functions that at the time still used paper forms. As the company continued to grow through acquisitions, leaders also wanted the HR system to enable the long-term business strategy. So they embarked on an aggressive initiative to migrate from a legacy human resources system to a cloud-based solution that would streamline its processes and create a solid foundation for growth.

Benefits to client

With strategic input from KPMG and a collaborative, multidisciplinary team that worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the client to transform the HR function, the company has rolled out a Workday solution that significantly reduces the manual entry of data, files, and forms. The initiative saves time, reduces errors, improves the user experience, enables direct deposit of paychecks, tightens payroll controls, and provides a comprehensive record of transactions to support compliance and audit requirements. The system provides a robust technology foundation for future growth.


In order to manage its aggressive growth strategy, the healthcare provider knew it needed to transform its HR capabilities—automating HR and payroll processes, implementing enhanced process controls, and establishing a flexible foundation for future acquisitions. Using our tested KPMG Powered Enterprise (KPE) methodologies, our team partnered with the client to develop a solution built on Workday technology. The project included:

  • conducting a payroll controls assessment
  • evaluating several market-leading HR cloud solutions
  • implementing a Workday solution
  • redesigning and streamlining processes in areas such as onboarding and employee change of status
  • implementing controls to more efficiently demonstrate compliance in areas such as payroll, certification, training, hours worked, and employee-patient ratios
  • supporting a project to change payroll frequency from semimonthly to biweekly
  • redesigning and modernizing the company’s employee handbook
  • establishing communication and change-management strategies.

KPMG insights

It’s about the destination, not the journey

The approach, timeline, and team members may change during a project, but staying laser-focused on the desired outcomes helps ensure that you achieve your goals and reach your destination.

Get the right people on the team

A team of people who have the right mix of skills and personalities will work well together and build rapport and trust. They will take the right actions at the right times, persevere when challenges arise, and ensure that the client realizes the value it expects from the initiative.

A complex project requires breadth of services

The healthcare industry is in the midst of ongoing change, and tackling a project as large as transforming the HR function requires a partner with a breadth of capabilities that range from software and technology to industryspecific knowledge and change management.

A collaborative, multidisciplinary client and advisor team worked shoulder-to-shoulder to transform the HR function.