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Improving a back-office company's back office

KPMG helped a retail transaction conglomerate standardize business processes on a single ERP backbone powered by Oracle Cloud technology.

Lance Daugherty

Lance Daugherty

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Pat Murray

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A retail transaction partner
Finance and supply chain transformation with Powered Enterprise enabled by Oracle
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Client challenge

While this company operates behind the scenes, anyone who has used a coupon, returned a product, or filled a prescription has likely triggered a transaction managed by this technology corporation. Handling complex reverse logistics for more than 9,000 retail clients, this conglomerate grew quickly through acquisitions, purchasing more than 25 companies in a 20-year period. Trying to work with the many enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems made gathering accurate, current data difficult, and an outdated planning, forecasting, and budgeting system impacted its financial close processes and the quality of management reporting. Few people had an adequate line of sight into the full client base.

To achieve economies of scale from its acquisitions, our client needed to move to standardized business processes on a single ERP backbone and turned to KPMG to help rein in its own back office.

Benefits to client

KPMG worked alongside our client to bring about meaningful strides in achieving its goal of driving economies of scale through acquisitions by completing a back-office transformation including process standardization, an automated financial system, accurate and timely data, and a complete view of their customer portfolios.

  • standardized more than 100 processes across all of its companies
  • reduced the billing cycle time by 20 percent by leveraging a single invoice-to-cash process
  • increased accuracy and speed in its monthly close cycle with a unified customer master
  • accurate and timely data insights now provide relevant client, vendor, budget and forecasting information; improved data-driven decision-making
  • accelerated the time to onboard new acquisitions from months to a matter of weeks
  • lowered its total cost of ownership in IT by working from an integrated system.


KPMG helped this client re-envision its financial and supply chain processes from beginning to end, and provided a holistic, streamlined approach to reporting and budgeting using the KPMG Powered Enterprise solution to guide the process through implementation. Oracle Cloud software was chosen to streamline the company’s finance, enterprise performance management (EPM), and supply chain management (SCM) functions.

Using the Powered Enterprise pre-configured approach and leading practices, the team was able to work quickly and eliminated the need to start from scratch. We helped with the redesign of our client’s chart of accounts, facilitating streamlined reporting, business processes, budgeting, and forecasting. Now that the single Oracle system is in place, KPMG continues to provide evolution services to help support the system, its users, and facilitate Oracle quarterly updates.


Guided by a powerful approach

KPMG Powered Enterprise provides a holistic roadmap rather than a piecemeal approach which is instrumental in enabling clients to standardize business processes across multiple entities, quickly. Standardization is critical to plans for growth through acquisition.

Beyond the basics

Beyond the technology implementation, we contributed to staff training when the need arose. KPMG also provides ongoing operational and people support following implementations with managed services.

Relationships build on collaboration

Not only did KPMG bring a strong relationship with the company’s executive leadership team, working with a “we’re in this together” mindset, we also understand Oracle cloud solutions based on a 26-year alliance and more than 170 Oracle Cloud go-lives. Collaboration among all parties facilitates successful transformations.

Standard processes and automated reporting provide this company's leaders with better insights related to its clients, vendors, budgeting, and forecasting.