An appetite for innovation

KPMG helped a fast-growing restaurant chain implement next-generation finance and human resources software without impact on customers.

A U.S. national restaurant chain
Consumer and retail
Transforming back-office finance and HR
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Client challenge

Our client—one of the largest fast-food restaurant chains in the U.S. with a reputation for quality and value—has an appetite for innovation. Since opening its first small restaurant decades ago, this organization has developed an enviable reputation for making tasty food, giving customers an excellent experience, and investing in the communities it serves. 

The company was so successful that it wanted to continue growing even faster and more broadly around the country. Its leaders wanted to transform the chain’s back-office finance and HR operations so they were equipped to keep up with the growth and ensure that its many restaurants could continue their laser-like focus on loyal customers. It needed a trusted advisor to help manage the major project.

Benefits to client

The company’s plans for growth were aggressive. With its intense focus on delivering excellent customer service and great food, this chain insisted that the impact of, and the subsequent move to cloud-based enabling software, be kept to an absolute minimum for its restaurants. And that’s exactly what happened. There was no disruption to the business. 

Just as important, the company and its many restaurants now have performance metrics and information that will help them manage their operations, make better decisions, and generate greater insights for planning menus and keeping customers happy. And even more people around the country now have an opportunity to experience the tasty food as the company continues expanding and opening new restaurants.


This client engaged our trusted team of advisors to help it transform finance and HR strategies and processes. As part of the transformation, the company decided to move its enabling software from an older version of Oracle, which the company ran on its own servers, to the Cloud-based version. 

Our role included serving as a liaison between the business and a technical-services vendor throughout the project. A plan created by our team provided the direction for the project, and then our business integration, testing, and reporting services ensured a smooth, seamless move to the next-generation software. 

Through our strategy and cloud implementation services, we have enabled our client to improve operational efficiencies and realize its aggressive growth agenda. 

KPMG insights

Listen. Then listen some more.

Trusted advisors listen carefully to their clients and make sure they truly understand the needs, culture, and priorities before recommending solutions.

Choose the right team

Respecting the client’s unique and successful culture, the KPMG team comprised trusted professionals who aligned with its values and priorities. This included a strong commitment to serving the client just as the client serves its customers.

Keep the pace

Our client was growing fast, and our team made sure it moved at the same pace. Be proactive and committed to forward-looking, fast innovation.

Trusted advisors listen carefully to their clients and make sure they truly understand their needs, culture, and priorities before recommending solutions.