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KPMG helped a regional teaching hospital optimize patient access operations to grow revenue, attract more patients and keep patients in network.

A regional teaching hospital
Patient access optimization
  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
  • Approach
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Client challenge

It’s a modern paradox: Few services are more individual, intimate, or reliant on compassion than healthcare. But delivering them consistently depends on the impersonal foundations of systems, data, and repeatable processes. In a fiercely competitive healthcare industry, patient access is ground zero. Healthcare systems cannot turn patients away, but they can lose them to competitors with inconsistent or slow intake and poor appointment and discharge experiences.

This medical center and teaching hospital invited KPMG to improve its patient access operations with a triple challenge: build a system that would increase patient visits, make the best use of clinical resources and grow revenues, and establish them as a national leader in advancements related to patient access and patient experience -- in effect, create a model that they could export nationally throughout its parent network.

Benefits to client

KPMG drew on deep healthcare, data, and systems experience to help our client build and staff a new Patient Health Center to handle all intake and appointments. The medical center has secured the increases in patient visits, topline revenue, and margin it needs to support a deeply felt not-for-profit mission and service ethos. With KPMG's help this client was able to:

  • successfully launch a centralized Patient Health Center, which leverages leading call center practices and industry-forward technology
  • attract more patients and keep patients in network, with measurable gains in key indicators such as patient visits and net-new patients
  • standardize physician work streams, including implementation of first-ever baselines for patients seen and appointments filled
  • put into place the infrastructure, data, staffing, and processes to support a consistent high-quality patient experience
  • establish a patient-access model that its parent organization can replicate throughout its large national network.


Working together with the medical center leadership and staff over a 15-month period, KPMG first helped map its lost opportunities for revenue and patient loyalty. The project then moved to an optimization of its patient scheduling operations, culminating in the design and setup of a centralized call center to handle all patient intake and scheduling issues. KPMG:

  • assembled a multidisciplinary team, including KPMG specialists in strategic planning, healthcare data and analytics, clinical services delivery, contact center implementation, patient scheduling, electronic health records, and workforce optimization
  • helped assess lost patient opportunities at a detailed level, then worked with leadership to prioritize solution initiatives and investment
  • redesigned and reconfigured patient scheduling operations, including infrastructure, data, workflows, documentation and staffing
  • worked continuously throughout the project with all major stakeholder groups in order to solicit input and secure buy-in for project solutions and partnered with the medical center’s doctors to put into place new performance benchmarks for delivery of clinical services
  • worked to design, implement, and launch a centralized Patient Health Center to handle all patient intake and scheduling.

KPMG insights

We separate noise from reality

KPMG enables clients to navigate between sometimes distracting fixations with “the next shiny object”—often, breakthrough but untested technologies—and focus on pragmatic solutions that have been successfully used in other industries.


We speak all dialects of “stakeholder”

KPMG collaborates across different stakeholder communities—in this case, leadership, doctors and clinicians, IT, and administrative staff—helping them understand challenges and solutions in terms relevant to their specific interest.

We helped this client develop the infrastructure, data, staffing, and processes to support consistent, high-quality patient experiences.