A recipe for growth

KPMG helped a snack food manufacturer and distributor implement Oracle planning software in the cloud. Now it can efficiently integrate acquired companies.

A leading snack food company
Consumer and retail
Moving to cloud-based Oracle planning softward
  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
  • Approach
  • KPMG insights

Client challenge

This company is on the move. Four decades after its humble beginnings as a fledgling family business, the snack-food manufacturer and distributor operates 11 plants and ships products to customers around the world. The business has kept its plate full with an aggressive growth strategy accompanied by the many challenges of integrating acquired companies. 

But its planning processes and software hadn’t kept pace. Much of the work was manual and time-consuming. Data quality and issues with controls and governance made it hard to manage growth. 

The company’s leaders decided that planning software run from the cloud could help streamline operations, provide accurate and timely data, and integrate acquired businesses efficiently. More importantly, they knew it would create a new recipe for continued growth, strengthen its commitment to quality and support an environment where people take pride in their work.


Benefits to client

The company decided to use cloud-based performance management software from Oracle that’s ideal for fast-growing businesses. That system, which replaced software that previously was run from the company’s own servers, provides the flexibility it needs to continue its growth strategy of buying other businesses. The cloud solution enables:

  • a new variety of reports that can help identify, communicate and monitor progress on key priorities
  • an efficient planning process based on specific business goals
  • greater controls and governance
  • a tool for forecasting and long-range planning.


When the client asked our team of trusted advisors to help it move to Oracle’s cloud-based planning and reporting software, we brought our extensive experience and worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the business to:

  • assess the company’s annual operating plan
  • recommend leading practices
  • create a design document based on detailed business requirements
  • identify key decisions the company’s leaders needed to make
  • manage the project.

KPMG insights

Value starts with the relationship

Complex projects require mutual trust and collaborative decision-making. Strong relationships mean greater potential for gaining the greatest value.

The cloud can be complicated

Moving to a software that runs in the cloud can require unexpectedly large amounts of time and resources. It will never be as easy as flipping a few switches.

Discovery is critical

A carefully planned and managed process designed to uncover information is one of the most important success factors for a project. Key expectations often can be reset even before the project is under way.

Plan for the future

Whenever possible, build systems for both today and tomorrow. Tested software tools and processes can help offset the expense of upgrading or replacing systems to accommodate growth in the years ahead.

A carefully planned and managed process designed to uncover information was an important success factors for this project.