Fueling far-reaching change

KPMG helped Centrus Energy boldly move all back office processes to Oracle Cloud, enabling the potential for significant savings in administrative costs.

Centrus Energy Corporation
Back office transformation cloud migration
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Client challenge

A supplier of enriched uranium fuel for nuclear power plants across the globe, Centrus Energy Corp oration. looked to advance to their next phase as a trusted fuel provider. From their beginnings in the Manhattan Project in the early 1940s, Centrus has experienced a long journey to arrive where they are today.

This multi-generational, multi-year renewal required a radical rethink of business processes. But highly customized, antiquated financial and HR systems were costing the company time and money to maintain. What’s more, planned restructuring furthered the demand for a streamlined system to deliver data quickly and easily and keep the business focused on meeting customers’ needs.

An innovative solution was necessary to bring the back office of this storied enterprise up to par with their world-class engineering and technical abilities. In an industry that produces critical energy sources but relied on old-fashioned back offices, Centrus chose to place their confidence in new cloud technology.

Benefits to client

As part of their business transformation, Centrus chose to move their entire back office to Oracle Cloud, streamlining their systems while keeping the security and legacy data access they needed. Results within a year of go-live are anticipated to include:

  •  a substantial reduction in overall sales and general administration (SG&A) back office costs
  •  introduction of next-in-class technology to automate transactional work and enable a focus on the business
  • empowered employees, bolstered reporting and insights generated through self-service portals and dashboards
  • increased speed and precision for analytics and report development  through pre-built data models.


As an enterprise with a notable history and an evolving future, Centrus Energy needed best-in-class back office solutions to match their leading engineering capabilities. While undergoing an organizational transformation, the company sought to streamline their systems for the future while securely housing years of historical data. We assessed their operating structure to ensure Centrus could respond quickly to market changes. In a sensitive industry, the client’s unique needs around security and privacy, and focus on important requirements and financial regulations, were also outlined.

We worked on an aggressive timeline to identify the best cloud solution and create a decommissioning program and platform to keep historical data within reach regulatory requirements. KPMG Powered Enterprise methodology allowed us to develop a leading practice-based system using pre-configured tools to fast-track the transformation. Together we began transferring multiple legacy applications to cloud. Hundreds of reports were streamlined to a core set that could be used for many functions across the business. Through this migration, Centrus could keep effective reporting and analytics within reach of teams and regularly authorities, while accessing better data to improve business decisions. The transformation was underway and there would be more to come.

Following the first ever full deployment on Oracle Cloud, Centrus expects to reduce the SG&A costs that came with their existing customized systems and constant IT upkeep, positioning themselves for their next chapter. By synchronizing KPMG and in-house improvements and educating staff, Centrus was empowered to embrace new methods and technology after decades of maintaining the status-quo.


KPMG insights

Changing systems require cultural change

Implementing large-scale systems transformation in an established company requires more than learning new processes – it requires an operational overhaul. When companies shift their focus from “the way we’ve always done it” to what can be done to advance, they create space for change and growth.

Open communication unlocks mutual success

When a project combines in-house and outside elements, honest dialogue ensures integration and full transformation. By sharing best practices and understanding every element of change, each organization knows what is needed to implement and maintain successful systems.

Shifting focus from “the way we’ve always done it” to "what can be done to advance" creates space for change and growth.