Client Story

A future greater than the sum of its parts

KPMG and Microsoft helped a global professional organization transform go-to-market strategy, finance operations, and workforce approach.

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Rick Rose

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Jesse Loscalzo

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Cameron Taylor

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U.S.-based global professional organization
Digital transformation enabled by KPMG Connected Enterprise, KPMG Powered Enterprise, and Microsoft
  • Client challenge
  • Key KPMG initiatives
  • Business impact
  • Why KPMG?

Client challenge

Our client is a “for-purpose” organization working in nearly every country around the world to advance careers, strengthen organizational success, and enable changemakers with new skills and ways of working to maximize their impact.

Over its 50-year history, this global non-profit grew through multiple acquisitions, resulting in complex and expensive operating model with disconnected processes, systems, and data silos. It was increasingly difficult to provide a consistent and reliable view of all customer interactions and effectively manage and forecast financial growth.

Digital disruption and shifting customer expectations and needs also provoked heightened interest in on-demand, digitally enabled products and services around the world. However, the organization’s outdated and unsupported technology infrastructure, including difficulty in processing international currencies, hindered the non-profit from keeping up with the needs of the business. Internally, it was getting harder to recruit and retain innovative talent to generate new ideas.

Piecemeal change wasn’t the answer. Nothing less than total transformation was required to help our client achieve its goals for continued growth.

Key KPMG initiatives

KPMG helped transform the organization’s go-to-market strategy, finance operations, and workforce approach, using KPMG Connected Enterprise and KPMG Powered Enterprise leading practices, methodologies, and tools enabled by Microsoft technologies to create the essential backbone for its business. KPMG:

  • monetized B2B sales from companies partnering with our client to certify their employees
  • leveraged Microsoft Powered Finance and Microsoft Powered Sales and Service to accelerate the complete transformation and modernization of the organization’s back, middle, and front office
  • reconfigured the enterprise operating model to provide greater clarity around job roles, competencies, and career opportunities
  • helped our client establish a Customer Experience function, creating a strategic pillar focused on CX improvement while implementing a new operating model and future state roadmap designed to deliberately engage customers.
  • consolidated four separate enterprise customer relationship management systems into a single Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Experience (CE) platform and unified the finance systems into Microsoft Dynamics Finance, resulting in a 360-degree view of the customer from initial contact through payment
  • deployed Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, and Azure Services for Modern Workplace collaboration, meetings, and document repositories.

Business impact

KPMG helped transform every part of our client’s business. As a result, the organization has:

  • enhanced customer engagement through personalization across digital channels and channel partners and through a unified and personalized shopping experience and updated brand, including international storefronts with local currency acceptance
  • consolidated sales and operations efforts bringing over 450 internal users into a single platform enabling transparent pipeline reporting for the entire sales team, advancements in customer 360 awareness
  • improved resolution time and first-touch resolutions by integrating Microsoft D365 CE with phone, email, and chat channels and consolidated approach towards customer management in a single D365 platform
  • increased customer growth by establishing new centers of excellence in high-growth markets globally and customizing product offerings by region
  • streamlined its cross-functional business processes with near- real-time data and automated period-end close and consolidation processes
  • targeted an eight-point improvement in net promoter score
  • stayed on track to achieve a 20 percent improvement in net financial performance by 2022 by providing engaging experiences during COVID-19
  • achieved a 10 percent decrease in voluntary turnover as new jobs and career paths became available.


Clients want advisors with a deep well of experience and technology solution partners

KPMG drew upon our deep domain experience in marketing, sales, service, finance, and operations transformation along with a decades-long global alliance with Microsoft that includes specialized practice groups for the company’s Azure, Dynamics, and Microsoft 365 cloud platforms; thousands of Microsoft-certified professionals; and hundreds of successful digital collaborations in virtually every sector and business function.

Our prebuilt solutions still allow for customization

The prebuilt frameworks, tools, and roadmaps of KPMG Connected and Powered Enterprise free clients to leapfrog generic issues and focus on the project details specific to their mission. KPMG Connected Enterprise was designed, tested, and offered to clients because we’ve learned how solutions that begin with the needs of the client create the most lasting, significant results.

KPMG and Microsoft joined forces to help this organization completely modernize and transform its processes, technology, and organizational design. Nothing less than total transformation was required to achieve its goals for future growth.