Client Story

A new sense of mission ripples outward

KPMG helped a not-for-profit professional organization redefine its employee value proposition to better deliver on commitments to membership.

Crystal Thompson

Crystal Thompson

Director Advisory, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG US

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U.S.-based global professional organization
Organizational design and change management to support customer-centricity

Project at a glance

To reach their goals, a complete transformation of our client’s processes, technology, and organizational design was in order. KPMG combined organization change management savvy, Future of Work principles, and its Connected Enterprise digital integration approach to recharge the non-profit’s workforce and so transform its effectiveness.

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  • KPMG key initiatives
  • Business impact
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Client challenge

Our client is a “for-purpose” organization working in nearly every country around the world to advance careers, strengthen organizational success, and enable changemakers with new skills and ways of working to maximize their impact. As the world’s leading association for those who consider project, program or portfolio management their profession, this organization delivers value for millions of professionals working in nearly every country in the world through global advocacy, collaboration, education, and research.

Over time, however, the organization’s identity had suffered from a lack of a consistently communicated employee value proposition, which in turn trickled down to a disconnected employee experience, lack of engagement, and an incongruent culture.

In the face of competitive disruption, product relevancy, and globalization hurdles, the organization’s leadership asked KPMG to assist. The KPMG team set out to help reframe our client’s talent brand—who they were, who they wanted to be, and why potential talent would want to join their team.

To reach their goals, a complete transformation of processes, technology, and organizational design was in order, founded on a reenergized workforce proud to deliver on our client’s commitment to its membership.

KPMG key initiatives

KPMG combined organization’s change management savvy, Future of Work principles, and its Connected Enterprise digital integration approach to recharge the organization’s workforce and so transform its effectiveness. KPMG:

  • organized the non-profit’s updated identity based on the newly stated customer journey and needs; capabilities and structures were identified to support the primary needs of the customer and their experience
  • leveraged proprietary methodologies to develop and re-define the employee value proposition including future state models for clear roles and responsibilities, career paths, and employee engagement, aligned with the customer experience and organization capabilities
  • shared recruitment, training and talent management practices to help our client provide candidates and employees with clear, meaningful career journeys
  • piloted regional centers of excellence to reflect shifts in the global membership composition
  • deployed the benchmarks, prebuilt components, and tested implementation roadmaps of the KPMG Connected Enterprise framework to introduce advanced, digital back-office and technology platforms
  • used change management communications principles to secure buy-in from leadership and employee stakeholders at every stage of the engagement.

Business impact

Our client is the largest professional association in its field and has positioned itself for continued preeminence, with an ROI-driven strategy to engage and empower employees so they can better deliver on the organization’s commitment to its membership. Specific benefits include:

  • on track to achieve a 20 percent improvement in net financial performance by 2022
  • twenty percent increase in successful recruitment efforts, thanks to easier access to talent and shorter recruitment timelines
  • ten percent decrease in voluntary turnover as new jobs and career paths open up
  • methods in place to track improvements in employee engagement; contingency strategies established to anticipate and mitigate future employee pain points
  • new initiatives launched to reflect an increasingly globalized membership base, including addition of non-U.S. board members, regional centers of excellence, and mechanisms to customize product offerings by region
  • all office functions aligned and integrated though a single digital platform, in order to tie all activity to member impact and benefit.


In conditions of continuous disruption, outperformance rests on customer-centricity

Our Connected Enterprise approach distills our customer and user experience insight into prebuilt, proven components that leverage digital integration, leapfrog generic challenges, and help clients get quickly to their desired results.

Culture, behavior, and talent management are true differentiators

Change starts with an organization’s people. If employees are not on board no amount of technology or process investment will create sustained impact. We use Future of Work principles and proven organizational change management practices to help organizations attract, motivate, and retain agile, engaged workforces.

Not-for-profit clients value relevant commercial-sector innovation

We are very experienced at adapting leading commercial-sector skills, business processes, and technology to the requirements of mission-driven entities, including performance metrics mapped to their mandates and unique stakeholder priorities.

With methods to track employee engagement and contingency strategies for anticipating and mitigating future employee pain points, this organization is positioned to continue its preeminence.