Navigating through the cloud

KPMG and Oracle helped a leader in navigation solutions improve recruiting, onboarding, and employee development processes.

A leader in navigation solutions for the aviation industry
Implementing cloud-based software for talent-management
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Client challenge

A leader in providing navigation solutions for the aviation industry, this client is a global company with a workforce of world travelers. Operating in 60 countries, the company provides custom air-transportation solutions but needed standardized software to manage the recruiting and learning processes of employees and candidates. 

Costly, disparate processes and systems varied by country, leading to inconsistent information, inefficient record keeping and lengthy cycle times for onboarding and training. 

As a company where employees are always on the go and often rehired or transferred from region to region, the organization needed to increase productivity and reduce turnover through better hiring decisions. To ensure the success of one of the company’s greatest assets – its people – it sought to streamline its systems and improve the candidate and employee experience.

Benefits to client

After modernizing their HR function, this client dramatically improved its talent function. Part of the modernization included a migration to the Oracle Cloud for recruiting, onboarding and learning. Benefits include:

  • a simple, low-touch system that delivers automation, proactive administration, and increased visibility for process owners
  •  an integrated data system to reduce the cycle time for hiring and onboarding new employees
  • enhanced intelligence about employees and a higher return on investment for the hiring process
  • a better, more social media savvy online experience for candidates and recruiters
  • quick, easy, and centralized access to data.


This company needed a simple, unified talent management solution to keep its diverse, social media minded, and transient employees and candidates easily engaged, reducing turnover. Separate processes and wildly different practices across countries made hiring and rehiring difficult for a highly mobile workforce. 

KPMG identified opportunities to improve efficiencies using the best-in-class processes and tools of KPMG Powered Enterprise. Through an Oracle Cloud application, candidates and recruiters can now visit the same portal, regardless of country or region, during the recruitment, onboarding, and education processes. What’s more, when employees transfer from location to location, their information will follow them with just one click.

Together, we also identified opportunities for the company to attract top talent. Through social media integration in Oracle, the company allows candidates to apply with their social profiles—better serving its young, multicultural audience. 

KPMG defined and validated the new system, educating the stakeholders and ensuring the client was ready to manage it. With centralized access to data and expanded social capabilities, the client could improve its timelines, employee experience and, ultimately, employee retention rates with flying colors.

KPMG insights

Get social

Technology enables employees to connect with colleagues through social media channels and recommend candidates for the company’s recruiting efforts. Firms can measure which jobs attract the best talent, how people are connecting and applying for jobs and, ultimately, improve their pipeline of talent.


Oracle applications allow companies that want to take small steps toward cloud to enjoy the advantages of a recruiting platform without changing the entire HR software system.

We identified opportunities to improve efficiencies using the best-in-class processes and tools of KPMG Powered Enterprise.