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KPMG helped a post-acute healthcare care provider integrate operations to better transition patients from inpatient to home-based care.

A leading provider of post-acute healthcare and home health services
Care continuum optimization
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Client challenge

Helping patients recover from strokes, amputations, hip fractures and more, this nationwide network of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals recognized an opportunity to strengthen the continuum of care for their patients. Following the acquisition of a home health and hospice care provider, they looked to better consolidate their organizations through processes and technology. While advancing their mission of providing high-quality care, the company is rethinking the industry’s view of the care journey, building bridges between operations, and ensuring the best outcomes for their patients.

Benefits to client

With the two organizations now integrated and aligned around a single operating model and utilizing a single data and analytics platform, the client can see:

  • nearly one-third of the company’s 35,000 employees trained on the new operating model and platform in four months
  • the complete project conceived, designed, and implemented in 10 months
  • immediate clinical collaboration results that improved outcomes and financial performance
  • a playbook and training guide to benefit and educate all hospitals, home care personnel, and stakeholders
  • a comprehensive dashboard to capture data across local, regional, and national markets for use by frontline staff through to corporate executives 
  • cultural integration and change management benefits of improved communications and coordination between the business segments.


With post-acute care rehab hospitals in over 30 states, this healthcare provider saw a need to strengthen their patients’ transition from inpatient care to home-based care. After acquiring a leading home healthcare and hospice provider, they looked for ways to connect the care streams more efficiently. This would help get patients back on track quicker and prevent readmissions while still maintaining a high standard of personalized care and attention.

Continuing a long-standing advisory relationship, KPMG joined the client to help them realize their vision. Through a proactive approach to improving continuity of care, the client effectively redesigned their business processes, technology enablement strategy, and performance measurement. The new process created a seamless integration of operations and a managed transition of care that would ensure that the correct information, treatment methodology, and physician/clinical team orders were communicated and continued postdischarge as patients moved from inpatient care to their homes.

On-site at several of the client’s hospitals, KPMG worked with the client’s administrative and clinical teams to meet and interview key stakeholders on both the inpatient and home health sides, including doctors, nurses, intake coordinators, and care transition coordinators. With a deep understanding of their people’s role in the patient journey, the client could best equip them for seamless care delivery and identify key touchpoints along the journey for patients, their caregivers, and their families.

From there, technology, governance, culture, and training were brought together in a U-Collaborate event meant to accelerate the development of the new processes. Through this workshop, the client could redesign the patient journey and gain a clinical collaboration playbook to document each step. Complete with tutorials and instruction manuals, the playbook also outlined the electronic platforms created to better integrate the rehab hospitals and home-based care providers. With these tools in place, the client completed a pilot of the new processes and successfully advanced to a national four-month rollout that included training and new process launch.

Engaged and excited for the future, the client is reimagining the patient journey for the benefit of the industry, their organization, and, most importantly, their many patients across the country.

KPMG insights

Go for benefits beyond growth 

Though growth can be achieved through mergers and acquisitions, its full potential lies in integration. Organizations that take the time and effort necessary to combine cultures, processes, and platforms can better recognize benefits that drive growth and advance leading practices.

Leverage the power of forward thinking and data analytics

One of the best ways to get ahead is to look ahead. A strong strategy for the future can unlock opportunities in the market and identify ways to improve operations and prepare for industry change. What’s more, utilizing the power of data and analytics helps uncover valuable insights that drive actions and return results.

To proactively improve continuity of care, this client redesigned business processes, technology enablement strategy and performance measurement.