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KPMG helped a leading investment management firm design better sales and service processes and implement new customer relationship management technology.

A leading Investment services firm
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CRM implementation and transformation of the sales experience
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Client challenge

As one of the world’s premier fixed income investment managers, this firm is perceived as a leader by others in the investment management industry. Firm leaders understood that new CRM technologies would drive better data outcomes—allowing them to continue their mission of creating opportunities for investors everywhere.

Achieving this meant taking a user-led approach: designing their systems to work more efficiently, consistently, and intuitively for their institutional and wealth management business line advisors. With a CRM system that could equip them with on-demand access to the latest financial data and insights, they could better service their clients and continue to shape the future of investment management.

Benefits to client

KPMG armed the firm with a CRM engagement strategy grounded in its customer's needs and preferences, giving the investment firm's advisors a user-driven, consistent, and single view of clients. This firm can now take advantage of:

  • a unified system that is accessible from all platforms as a result of moving from an on-premise solution to a cloud-based solution
  • enhanced analytics and predictive functionality that enable more targeted client conversations and better budget planning for future years
  • enhanced business processes to capture data consistently across the firm, helping ensure that key business metrics can be automatically calculated
  • a user experience that is simple and intuitive, enabling efficiencies,  collaboration, and advanced reporting and analytics
  • a single, consistent framework of key performance indicators (KPIs), information, and tools for reliable business intelligence.

Ultimately, we helped this investment firm roll out a next-generation, holistic CRM solution with simplified mobility, advanced reporting analytics, and a unified user experience. Equipped with client data at advisor's fingertips, the firm is now transforming the way people invest.


Having the right client data is crucial to this firm’s ability to provide thoughtful, intelligent, and critical investment recommendations to its clients. In the competitive asset management industry, the right technology solutions (such as cloud) can mean greater efficiencies in how that data and information is gathered. 

Firm leaders turned to KPMG for advisory professionals who speak their language. Our financial services acumen coupled with technology experience enabled us to support their desire to serve investment clients better through innovation. KPMG's alliance with Microsoft also influenced selection of KPMG to fulfill their needs.

The investment firm needed to rethink global sales strategy and deploy a CRM application that could standardize and refine sales and service processes and KPIs. With the firm's user experience needs in mind, KPMG and Microsoft began collaborating. Taking into account business enablement, total investment cost, and future sustainability, the investment firm selected Microsoft Dynamics as their core CRM platform, allowing them to:

  • increase collaboration and information sharing among Client Services, Business Development, Product Management, and other departments
  • create visibility into the effectiveness of marketing activities, allowing for continuous optimization
  • increase transparency into client financial account portfolios, making information easily accessible.

By upgrading their CRM platform, the firm's institutional and wealth management advisors benefited from easier access to the client data they needed—essentially enabling them to deliver better investment opportunities.

KPMG insights

Beyond the technology challenge is a greater business challenge

Often, transformation isn’t just a matter of plugging in a technology solution. It takes thoughtful examination into the client’s business, formulating a holistic strategy, and then implementing technology that addresses the key business problem and enables the organization to succeed. Remaining technology agnostic allows us to make recommendations based on client needs, as opposed to force fitting a solution to work for a client.

People at the center of technology

Solving a business problem means truly understanding user needs and desires. We believe that truly effective technology solutions are designed with the user in mind. Achieving that in itself takes close collaboration with our clients. The outcome is a technology investment that serves a purpose for our clients and their customers, rather than technology for the sake of touting features.


KPMG's financial services acumen coupled with technology experience enabled us to support this firm's desire to serve investment clients better through innovation.

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