Looking inward, to grow outward

KPMG and ServiceNow helped a large insurance company serve its global workforce with standardized, automated and radically simplified HR service delivery.

Global multiline insurer
ServiceNow/HR Cloud migration
  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
  • Approach
  • KPMG insights

Client challenge

This global insurance company prizes innovation to drive new engagement with customers, as it looks outward to reshape its business. When their leadership turned attention inward, toward employees, it wanted a similar bold approach. As the company analyzed how its workforce accessed Human Resources through self-service, they asked, “Why not start by assuming employees were customers, with expectations shaped in their daily lives outside the workplace?” They then invited KPMG to help create a suitably ambitious solution.

Teaming closely with our client, KPMG used its Powered Enterprise HR offer and the ServiceNow cloud platform to deliver the results. Now, wherever they work, 60,000 of our client’s employees enjoy a uniform HR self-service experience, designed to leave them consistently satisfied customers. The company’s success has only deepened its long relationship with KPMG, and given the insurer what it really needs – a trusted global adviser, ready for any challenge.

Benefits to client

Using the pre-built solutions in KPMG Powered HR enabled by ServiceNow, our client has evolved a number of disparate regional human resource approaches into a single 21st century operating model. Benefits to the client include:

  • a consumer-level service experience created for 60,000 employees and retirees, based upon a ServiceNow HR cloud platform, and delivered in five languages through an employee self-service portal
  • global HR service delivery processes standardized, simplified and automated 
  • real time reporting and visibility of HR service key performance indicators and operational metrics now available
  • increased productivity in the global and regional HR organizations, with resources now freed from routine transactions to focus on workforce strategy that supports the company’s business goals
  • regional HR and employee self-service knowledge databases established, with tiered access protocols.


The use of KPMG Powered HR enabled by ServiceNow helped to standardize, automate and radically simplify our client’s HR service delivery worldwide. KPMG:

  • used Powered HR’s pre-configured process models, workflow tools, and testing protocols to migrate multiple HR operations to a single ServiceNow cloud solution
  • designed and developed an HR Employee Service Center portal, to deliver a consumer-level service experience in five languages
  • established tiered access, regional knowledge databases for HR and employee self-service documents
  • delivered ServiceNow security protocols, including database-level encryption, to address company requirements for protection of Publicly Identifiable Information (PII)
  • to support client self-sufficiency, developed and delivered ServiceNow curriculums and training for key users, with an interim KPMG team put in place during the on-boarding phase
  • established a global program management office for master planning, scoping, scheduling, decision tracking, and change management.

KPMG insights

Organizations understand that prebuilt solutions still require customization

Sophisticated clients appreciate the tested, ready-to-use portfolio of roadmaps, processes, tools, and project accelerators embedded in Powered Enterprise HR. They free client leadership and KPMG professionals to deliver the nuanced thinking—the grey matter—that will connect those solutions to their specific needs.

ServiceNow users want deep understanding of its platform

KPMG draws upon deep experience with cloud migration solutions with providers such as ServiceNow, Workday, and Oracle, and helps clients establish, expand, and manage their technology relationships.

Process simplification brings implicit organizational challenges

Technology-enabled simplification has shifted the company’s HR focus toward workforce strategy and away from tactical case resolution. Clients value our help anticipating and managing such positive ripple effects on culture and behavior.

Global and regional HR organizations are now freed from routine transactions to focus on workforce strategy that supports the company’s business goals.