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A 360 degree customer view comes to life

KPMG and Google Cloud helped a global life insurance subsidiary empower its customer-facing team with fact-based decision support.

Gary Plotkin

Gary Plotkin

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Kes Sampanthar

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A Latin American subsidiary of a FORTUNE 500 global life insurer
Sales transformation enabled with Google Cloud
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Client challenge

Life insurance is a highly personal business. Customers share intimate details of their lives with their sales agents, who may be complete strangers at first. The name itself seems to connotate customers for life but that isn’t always the case. Customers value personalization; they want experiential rather than transactional relationships. And this FORTUNE 500 global life insurer knew without meaningful and correct client journey data available across job functions, the view of the customer would be muddied, and the customers’ experience would be the same. The global parent company successfully demonstrated how leveraging customer knowledge, enabled by advanced data practices can help attract, retain, and grow lasting client relationships, intrinsically driving overall performance.

Moving forward to share this success with one of its Latin American subsidiaries, KPMG and Google Cloud joined forces with our client to conduct design-thinking workshops and, ultimately, helping achieve clear and accurate data to deliver a powerful 360 degree view of its customers for the first time.

Benefits to client

For the first time, complete customer profiles—demographics, policies in force, premiums, and claims history—are easily visible to sales agents and company executives setting up the entire organization for future success. Specific benefits include:

  • Efficacy of design thinking, persona development, and customer journey mapping are innovation drivers and can be used for future innovation sessions to quickly drive concepts to operational impact.
  • Sales agents and customer-facing team members are now empowered with fact-based decision support to manage their relationships, delivered to them via mobile devices; data at their fingertips to help upsell and cross-sell while delivering overall improved customer care.
  • Backed by cloud analytics and industry-specific metrics, executives have new visibility across the policy portfolio to support segmentation, product-development strategies, and insight-based decision-making and planning.
  • Security of customer data in a multicloud operating environment successfully demonstrated as a pilot for other use cases.


Working with company executives and independent sales agents, KPMG and Google Cloud conducted a series of design thinking workshops using techniques such as journey mapping and persona development, in order to identify and prioritize solutions for a cloud-enabled sales transformation. The joint team helped the company conceive and pilot a mobile-enabled 360-degree view of their customers in a record time of just three months. KPMG:

  • prioritized solutions identified in the workshops for cloud-enabled sales support
  • secured buy-in for a customer insights dashboard, using the claims process as the pilot use case
  • applied parent-company knowledge about customer data privacy and cloud security audit protocols to guide the aggregation and migration of previously disparate data pools to a single Google Cloud platform repository
  • leveraged user experience insight and data visualization to design user-friendly dashboard versions for both agents and executives to support point-of-contact selling, segmentation, and product development
  • successfully tested the proof of concept using masked company customer data in a secure environment, positioning the profile tool for company-wide deployment.


Clients want advisers with a deep understanding of their chosen technology solutions

KPMG draws upon our alliance with Google Cloud to synergize their platform’s strengths in next-generation customer experience, artificial intelligence, and machine learning with our own domain knowledge in data security, regulatory compliance, and enterprise deployment to provide powerful 360-degree views of our client’s customers.

We understand sales transformation

Our Future of Sales principles and outlook have been distilled from addressing the challenges faced by sales organizations of every size, across sectors, including field-force enablement, data-driven marketing and segmentation, the application of industry-specific key performance indicators and benchmarks, incentive structures, and training.

We actively explore ways to bring frontier ideas to life

To structure the Innovation Workshops that led to the dashboard and executable roadmap, we combined Google 10X thinking with our own experience in customer experience design thinking, persona development, and customer journey mapping, all within a codevelopment partnership model.

Subsidiaries of global entities value global partners

Clients appreciate our ability to think globally, but deliver locally. Extensive experience with the global parent company gave us relevant insight about its innovation-driven culture, as well as organizational sensitivities around customer data security and managing multicloud or hybrid cloud environments.

For the first time, complete customer profiles—demographics, policies in force, premiums, and claims history—are easily visible to sales agents and company executives setting up the entire organization for future success.