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Agile back office powers growth

KPMG helped a multiline insurer position finance and HR operations on the Workday platform to simplify integration of acquisitions.

Keith Mattioli

Keith Mattioli

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A U.S. multiline insurer
Workday finance and HR solutions
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Client challenge

For some organizations, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are one-time events. For others, they’re a practiced way of life. This U.S. company has used two decades of M&A to add scale and offerings as a multiline insurer. When KPMG advised the company during its most recent acquisition, its executive team articulated a bold mandate: use the post-merger consolidation to rethink the entire back office as a foundation for continued growth.

KPMG utilized its Powered Enterprise approach to take on the challenge. Simply put, Powered Enterprise is a project approach that includes a pre-configured Workday cloud solution for HCM and ERP based on leading practices. The approach includes all aspects of a client’s business: process models, controls, organizational model, role descriptions, and performance management—and was utilized to create a single cloud-based platform for all of the company’s HR and finance operations within a year.

Benefits to client

Combining its Powered Enterprise enabled by Workday approach, KPMG has delivered an agile “back office of the future" to support and enable a forward-looking growth strategy. Specific benefits are:

  • two organizations successfully integrated, with minimal disruption, onto a common technology platform designed to scale as the company makes future acquisitions
  • business processes for finance, payroll, and human resources standardized, simplified, and streamlined on a single, cloud-enabled Workday platform
  • enhanced management reporting put into place to support business strategy based on data that is now more timely, consistent, accurate, and dependable
  • company’s back office set up as an agile center for continuous improvement in business process delivery
  • increased insight and analysis for the C-suite and board levels, with human resources and finance positioned as strategic advisors to the business.


KPMG used Powered Enterprise enabled by Workday technology. KPMG Powered Enterprise is a thorough approach that combines leading practices and processes, established technology solutions, and next-generation delivery methods. In this case, the KPMG team used Powered Enterprise enabled technology to resolve our client’s challenges.

  • We helped the company design its target-state operating model, leveraging preconfigured Workday finance, payroll, and human capital management solutions, tailored to their business model.
  • Migrating the finance and HR operations of two separate organizations to a common Workday cloud platform, the KPMG team leveraged the Powered Enterprise prebuilt tools, accelerators, and roadmaps to move quickly through generic project challenges and meet deadlines on a compressed schedule.
  • We standardized and simplified business processes for the finance and human resource operations. We also standardized data governance to improve data quality, consistency, and timeliness.

KPMG insights

Powered Enterprise is technology-agnostic

Clients who choose Powered Enterprise want the standardization, automation, improved reporting, and predictive analytics it promises. They appreciate that Powered Enterprise adapts to a number of cloud-based solutions, and that KPMG is deeply versed in all of them.

Workday clients want trusted advisors who understand possibilities

KPMG draws upon a 12-year technology alliance with Workday that includes more than 250 implementations all over the world. We know the company and its solutions very well.

The Powered Enterprise approach is built to evolve

While the components of Powered Enterprise are a powerful distillation of accumulated KPMG experience and wisdom, KPMG extracts additional nuanuanced insight from every Powered Enterprise assignment, which is then incorporated back into the framework.

KPMG Powered Enterprise prebuilt tools, accelerators, and roadmaps allowed this client to quickly resolve project challenges and successfully transform on a compressed schedule.