Creating the right formula with analytics

To enhance productivity and employee engagement, KPMG helped a multinational chemical company “rewire” how, where, and when people-related information flows through the company.

Multinational chemical corporation
Diversified chemicals
Transforming human-resources via cloud-based analytics
  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
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  • KPMG insights

Client challenge

Some projects require just the right combination of elements in order to succeed. When this chemical company approached KPMG looking to set its HR department up for success, it knew it needed to provide leaders with the workforce information for making the right decisions at the right times.

Yet working with aging technology and its constraints wasn’t doing the company any favors. KPMG knew the project would require a new approach in order to get the results the company desired.

Benefits to client

In less than a year, KPMG helped this company “rewire” how, where, and when people-related information flows. With a secure data warehouse delivering HR analytics to 5,000 members of the management team across 180 countries, it is now able to better manage its most valuable asset, its people.  

The solution—expected to decrease attrition, increase employee engagement and satisfaction, enhance productivity, and accelerate business results—is already delivering significant, ongoing savings. Immediately after deployment, the company’s operations leadership team identified an overtime pay cost reduction opportunity that produced millions in savings. 

This client now enjoys self-service HR analytics that empower senior management and people leaders with more accurate, timely, and actionable information about diversity, attrition, compensation, learning, recruiting, and talent management.


After an extensive and collaborative discovery process, KPMG helped implement transformative, cloud-based analytics based on Oracle solutions. By developing a strategy and business case centered on the impact and needs across all key stakeholders, KPMG designed a pragmatic approach to migrate data processes and build a self-service analytic capabilities.

KPMG insights

Provide vision and a path

The company chose KPMG because of our Oracle knowledge and a proposal that was visionary while also providing a clear road map. Though our client had originally intended to undertake the project in a different way, early advice from KPMG, even before the project began, led them to achieve the desired results.

Accomplish the “impossible”

During an early meeting, company representatives said they had tried and failed to implement an Oracle business intelligence tool set and analytics apps. They were convinced the solution wouldn’t work but a KPMG proof of concept showed it was not only possible—but preferable.

Keep the trust

While the solution is important, it’s the partner—and the relationship—that makes the difference. After the HR transformation was complete, a senior leader remarked, “The word that comes to mind is trust.”

While the solution is important, it’s the partner—and the relationship—that makes the difference.