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When timing is crucial, AI delivers a head start

KPMG helped a research hospital design for valuable diagnostic insights utilizing Google Cloud’s predictive analytics.

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Dion Sheidy

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A university research hospital
Predictive analytics powered by Google Cloud
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Client challenge

In some matters, timing is everything. A renowned university hospital wanted to harness predictive analytics to get a lead on emerging sepsis symptoms among intensive care unit (ICU) patients. 

The hospital asked KPMG and Google Cloud to execute an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven pilot that could safeguard protected health information, sift real-time patient data for sepsis indicators, and quickly deliver diagnostic insight to clinicians. KPMG helped design a purpose-made data configuration and transmission hub, build the hospital’s AI interface with Google Cloud, and turn concept into operational reality. 

Once deployed, hospital staff may be able to gain several hours of advance notice before sepsis symptoms typically appear, a head start that may mean the difference between life and death.

Key KPMG initiatives

This highly rated university research hospital has advanced the frontiers of using real-time patient data, predictive analytics in clinical settings, and sepsis diagnosis. Specific benefits include:

  • the delivery time of sepsis insight to clinicians significantly shortened, giving them a potential head start on early treatment
  • the secure, compliant handling of confidential patient health information in a cloud environment successfully demonstrated
  • a scalable model in place that can support other use cases based on real-time use of patient data and predictive analytics
  • amplified impact for the hospital’s AI-driven research efforts from synergies between Google Cloud Platform capabilities and KPMG domain knowledge and enterprise integration experience
  • the adaptability of Google Cloud Platform to either initial on-premise data collection or direct-to-cloud collection successfully demonstrated, as a pilot for other use cases.

Business outcomes

KPMG worked with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to execute a pioneering healthcare data hub, to secure the privacy of patient health information (PHI) as it streams from a patient’s ICU bedside through AI-powered research analytics back to clinicians, as a potential tool to reduce sepsis incidence. KPMG:

  • leveraged existing development assets such as the hospital’s own sepsis AI algorithm and GCP’s healthcare data storage services—Health Level Seven (HL7) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)—as the foundation for its sepsis data hub design and implementation
  • used KPMG healthcare sector insight to configure PHI data against the hospital’s own clinical requirements, healthcare research protocols such as institutional review boards (IRBs), HL7 and FHIR data transmission standards, and relevant regulatory frameworks such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
  • used prebuilt KPMG digital integration frameworks and enterprise implementation roadmaps to build, test, and deploy a scalable platform that can be adapted for other scientific use cases which harness patient data, use the GCP analytic services, and deliver real-time provider insights.

KPMG insights

We understand how to deliver measurable results for not-for-profit organizations

We help not-for-profit organizations such as universities and research hospitals define successful outcomes and implement performance metrics aligned with their mission, organizational objectives, and stakeholder priorities

Clients want advisors with deep understanding of their chosen technology solutions

KPMG draws upon our Google Cloud alliance that synergizes GCP strengths in next-generation customer experience, enterprise deployment, artificial intelligence, and machine learning with our own domain experience in both cognitive computing, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance.

We know healthcare

Our experience with healthcare organizations across the world helps us deliver granular, day-one insight on topics such as HIPAA compliance, FHIR and HL7 data standards, and IRB clinical research protocols.

Clients value digital transformation partners with tested experience

KPMG distills our cumulative digital integration experience into a framework of benchmarked key performance indicators, prebuilt components, and tested implementation roadmaps to help clients leapfrog generic challenges and quickly get to defined results.

The scalable model supports secure streaming of real-time data from a patient’s ICU bedside through AI-powered research analytics back to the clinicians.