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KPMG and Oracle HCM Cloud helped a world-renowned healthcare provider redefine how it attracts and retains a highly talented workforce.

A world-renowned healthcare provider
HR transformation
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Client challenge

When this world-renowned healthcare provider decided to transform its human capital management processes – everything from recruiting to onboarding and retaining, from payroll to benefits – it was no small endeavor. Over 80,000 employees and contingent workers would be affected in more than 30 hospitals and 600 doctors’ offices and outpatient sites, in the US and globally. But their unique strategy of combining clinical and research excellence with business-like discipline required nothing less.

Ongoing acquisitions had left the medical center with sluggish, highly customized legacy systems. If the organization wanted to continue being the employer of choice and deliver life-changing medicine to the region’s most vulnerable citizens, a full HR transformation and cloud solution was required.

Benefits to client

KPMG’s leading HR practices and our client’s new Oracle HCM Cloud solution aim to provide the highest levels of employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. As one of the early adopters of Oracle Cloud among healthcare providers, the medical center is leading the way in HR service delivery and collaboration by:

  • transitioning from anniversary date-based performance reviews to annual reviews based on the fiscal year to better align performance and goal achievement with budgeting and planning
  • standardizing HR policies, procedures, and approvals across the organization
  • providing more intuitive self-service capabilities to improve the user experience for managers, employees, and HR business partners
  • optimizing paid time off policies to achieve consistency across the organization.


The first engagement in our long-term relationship with the medical center was helping the HR organization implement Oracle’s Taleo Recruit solution, one of the first cloud systems they adopted amid an array of largely on-premises technology. In its quest to be the region’s employer of choice, the medical center wanted to redefine how it attracted and retained the best talent. It wanted to introduce a value-based assessment into the hiring process to better ensure long-term retention and also improve an applicants experience with the application process itself.

By the end of the implementation, our client had what it considered to be an ideal process for introducing a cloud solution: rely on KPMG’s experience at the beginning but aim to be fully self-sufficient by the end.

In tandem with the Taleo project, we also helped the medical center upgrade its on-premises PeopleSoft finance and supply chain management system. By taking fuller advantage of additional enhancements and functionality, it could reduce customizations and the cost of ownership and become more agile in its ability to maintain the application.

Several years later, in the spring of 2017, the medical center realized that it needed to move all its human capital management systems to the cloud to continue being a leading employer. As a trailblazer in medicine, it was second nature for the organization to be an early technology adopter. With the benefit of KPMG’s leading HR practices and Oracle’s cloud expertise, it had the opportunity to influence the product not only for itself but also for other healthcare organizations.

Once fully deployed, the medical center will have a state-of-the-art Oracle HCM Cloud suite encompassing recruitment, onboarding, payroll, benefits, learning, talent management, compensation, and performance management. The solution provides it with streamlined HR business processes that change the face of HR and how its services are delivered and perceived by employees.

KPMG insights

Don’t be reluctant to go through significant business process change

Every process needs to be on the table. Everything’s negotiable. Our client used to conduct performance appraisals on employee anniversary dates but then moved to an annual basis. That was a big change requiring a great deal of change management but the new process aligns goal setting, performance management, planning, and budgeting across the organization.


Embrace the future

It’s easy to become hard-wired to technology that you’ve used for the past 20 years. However, it’s important to the success of cloud projects to jump in and actually run new processes from beginning to end as soon as they are operational. That way you increase your comfort level and uncover and fix glitches sooner.

This client will have state-of-the-art recruitment, onboarding, payroll, benefits, learning, talent management, compensation, and performance management.