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Many brands, one employee experience

KPMG helped a US retail grocer consolidate investments in ServiceNow with new functionality for HR, IT and field support.

Marc Snyder

Marc Snyder

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A national U.S. grocery retailer
Consumer goods
Employee service delivery enabled by ServiceNow
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Client challenge

This national U.S. grocery retailer’s impressive portfolio includes some of the country’s most established and best known supermarkets, along with some of the most innovative and successful online grocers. More than 200,000 associates serve millions of customers each week in more than 2,000 stores and distribution centers across 20 states.

The company’s financial achievement rests on the economies of scale and enterprise-wide efficiencies demonstrated by its shared-services unit, which provides back-office support to all of its retail outlets. The company asked KPMG to take this shared-services approach further, turning its vision of a single, consistent employee experience across all of its brands and locations into operational reality.

Benefits to client

This $40 billion national grocery retailer has strengthened its shared-services operational backbone, further positioning its scale-driven business model for success. Specific benefits include:

  • legacy investments in ServiceNow refreshed and enhanced, with a single scalable ServiceNow platform for HR and IT services delivery
  • new functionality for self-service HR, IT, Supply Chain, and field services support for employees and vendors
  • a consistent, consumer-grade user experience delivered for 200,000 employees, regardless of subsidiary, through a new enterprise service portal
  • virtual employee on-boarding and important COVID-19-related updates can now be completed via the new enterprise portal and mobile applications that utilize both virtual and live chat
  • modern delivery approaches successfully modeled for the IT organization, as a precedent for additional use cases within the company.


As part of an extended shared-services transformation, KPMG combined customer and user experience insight with our client’s existing investment in ServiceNow’s cloud technology, and modern delivery approaches to provide improved HR, IT, Supply Chain, and field services support to employees and vendors. KPMG:

  • helped shape a target ServiceNow environment that leverages the company’s existing investments in ServiceNow with new and integrated functionality
  • launched and managed 14 concurrent workstreams to address all dimensions of the company’s shared-services transformation
  • configured a new enterprise service portal for employee self-service, with mobile accessibility enabled through the ServiceNow mobile app, downloadable from the Apple or Android stores
  • introduced easy-to-use and modern delivery methodologies to the company’s IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, and IT Operations Management environments: “product” portfolio management and low-code application development, as well as agile workshopping, stories, and sprints.


We understand how to bring advanced customer and user experience into the workplace

Industry leaders understand that employee expectations for self-service ease and functionality are conditioned by their experiences as consumers outside the workplace. We bring a consumer-informed, end-user focus to process- and technology-change assignments.

Clients want advisers with deep understanding of their chosen technology partners

KPMG draws on a strong global alliance with ServiceNow, built upon hundreds of engagements in every sector and business function. We are accepted as one of the top ServiceNow providers, recognized specifically for our “ability to execute,” “innovation capability,” and “voice of the customer” work.

Leading enterprises welcome opportunities to model modern IT delivery

The successful execution of this complex project using methods such as product portfolio management, low-code development, and agile workshopping and sprints was an important victory, demonstrating the company’s ability to move flexibly and quickly, and setting internal precedents for additional use cases across the enterprise.

This company is now able to deliver a consistent, consumer-grade self-service experience to 200,000 employees, regardless of subsidiary, via a new enterprise portal and mobile applications.

Global grocer enhances the employee experience

The 2018 merger of Ahold Delhaize prompted the need to bring an existing ServiceNow platform into a common enterprise services management platform. Ahold’s vision of enterprise service management was focused on the customer experience: a personified digital experience that would allow them to have the end-to-end service for both internal and external customers. The enterprise transformation happened in the midst of COVID-19.

See how KPMG helped Ahold Delhaize engage employees on the frontlines of an essential fight.