Feeling confident about IT disaster recovery plans

A major entertainment and media company turned to KPMG to assess its disaster recovery plans and its ability to handle a malicious cyber attack.

A global media and entertainment company
Media and entertainment
Recovery plan for cyber attacks
  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
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Client challenge

Following the December 2014 cyber attack on Sony Pictures, our client’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) mandated a wide-ranging threat preparedness review with the aim of ensuring the company would be able to respond, that its data would be protected if key systems were contaminated by malicious hackers, and that IT operations could be recovered.

Benefits to client

KPMG LLP (KPMG) helped the client assess the resilience of its key mission critical systems and develop a plan to mitigate risks. As a result of the review and subsequent IT system and process updates—which included addressing gaps in its backup solutions and disaster recovery plans—the company is more confident about its capacity to sustain and recover from a cyber attack.


Because of its longstanding relationship with KPMG and our involvement on other large projects, this major meida and entertainment company asked us to assess its disaster recovery plans and its ability to handle a malicious attack.  We assembled a multidisciplinary team that included professionals in technology infrastructure, information protection, and forensic technology to help the client with:

  • identifying mission-critical applications, infrastructure services, and information that must be protected
  • identifying recovery-time objectives and recovery point objectives for critical services that could be affected by a cyber attack
  • identifying and documenting potential gaps in the company’s disaster recovery plans
  • recommending steps to address gaps and threats to its core applications and services
  • assessing offline backup and restoration capability for in-scope applications and services.

KPMG insights

Expect to be attacked

Today, cyber attacks are a major risk for organizations. The breach at Sony Pictures in 2014 highlighted the IT security vulnerabilities and lack of preparedness at many companies and prompted them to take a wide-ranging look at their recovery, contingency, and response plans.

Plan ahead

Create a thorough IT resiliency plan and maintain a strong relationship with external resiliency and forensic technology professionals who know your company and can be available on short notice to help you recover after a malicious attack.

Isolate mission-critical systems

The trend among many organizations is to place connected data centers in multiple locations around the country to enable a smooth transition in case a natural disaster or other event causes a local system failure. But with threats such as sophisticated cyber attacks that can spread malware quickly, connected highly available application solutions create a significant risk. Isolating an offline copy of mission-critical data and applications helps protect against contamination during an attack.

This client brought their needs to KPMG based on longstanding relationship and involvement on other large projects.