Smooth sailing on a powerful growth journey

KPMG helped a renewable energy supplier integrate the financial systems of 40+ decentralized legal entities with Oracle technology.

Latin American utility
Finance transformation enabled by Oracle Cloud
  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
  • Approach
  • KPMG insights

Client challenge

Growing rapidly as a distributor of natural renewable energy—hydro and wind power—this Latin American utility is anticipating future growth opportunities. It was clear that the company needed a step-change from where they were, in order to utilize the cloud to deliver finance leading practices and support future initiatives.

They set two immediate goals: better financial visibility and operational control, and the ability to harness their own human potential. The key to both goals was to integrate the financial systems of more than 40 decentralized legal entities on a single Oracle Cloud platform, and they sought an implementation partner to guide the process and help prepare the company for smooth sailing as they embark on a powerful growth journey.

Benefits to client

The KPMG Powered Enterprise Finance solution together with Oracle Cloud ERP/EPM delivered a number of specific benefits, including:

  • multiple financial processes and systems now standardized, automated and integrated on a single platform
  • an ROI-driven technology configuration that delivers increased efficiency, controls, and financial clarity to the organization
  • real-time performance and operating reports for management, coupled with daily transaction-support tools to free employees from intensive manual activity
  • data collection and governance standardized across the enterprise, to produce more timely, consistent, accurate, and dependable data
  • scalable solutions in place to support the company as it pursues an aggressive M&A-driven growth strategy; newly acquired entities are able to quickly “plug in” to the platform.


KPMG combined the preconfigured components and leading practices embedded in its Powered Enterprise project approach to rapidly implement an Oracle Cloud solution across all of the utility’s legal entities. KPMG:

  • used preconfigured components of Powered Enterprise to align Oracle Cloud solutions to the company’s business model and strategy, including process models, controls, organizational model, roles descriptions, and performance management
  • streamlined end-to-end process workflows across the enterprise (e.g., procure-to-pay), including automated data entry and approvals
  • established a uniform data governance framework to support faster period closes and reporting cycles, based on more reliable and consistent data
  • used Powered Enterprise’s tested technology solutions and next-generation delivery methods to frame and drive accelerated migration to a single Oracle Cloud platform.

KPMG insights

Ambitious technology and process redesign initiatives should be based on strong business cases

Building strong business cases at the outset of technology projects, defined by clear, ROI-defined success metrics, keep priorities intact and stakeholders aligned.

Decisive leaders want to move quickly

The Powered Enterprise approach is explicitly designed to generate rapid, measurable results. It distills experience and insight into prebuilt components, so clients can leapfrog generic issues and move confidently toward their objectives from day one.

The pre-configured components of KPMG Powered Enterprise provided for rapid alignment of process models, controls, organizational model, roles descriptions, and performance management.