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Bold ingredients for growth, baked in

KPMG helped Dawn Foods evolve digitally to create opportunities amidst profound shifts in industry and customer buying behavior.

Sam Ganga

Sam Ganga

National Consulting Leader, Consumer &Retail, KPMG LLP

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Alana Widdess

Alana Widdess

Director, Connected Commerce, KPMG US


Dawn Foods
Consumer goods and retail
Digital commerce transformation with Google Cloud Platform


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We worked with this client to find savings of tens of millions of dollars in operational efficiencies to create cash flow that would ultimately fund the transformation journey.
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  • Key KPMG initiatives
  • Business impact
  • Why KPMG?

Client challenge

It takes vision to both own 100 years of tradition and lay claim to the 100 years ahead. Dawn Foods serves bakers around the world, as a maker and distributor of everything from raw ingredients to ready-to-sell goods. In its century of operations, the company had gone through two revolutions—the first when it entered the distribution business, the second when it expanded outside of the U.S. Faced with profound shifts in industry and customer buying behavior, Dawn prepared itself for a third, and asked KPMG to help. The mandate: Think boldly from an “art of the possible” perspective, and then shape an enterprise-wide digital transformation journey.

Key KPMG initiatives

KPMG helped Dawn Foods move through every stage of an ambitious digital transformation journey, leveraging the KPMG Connected Enterprise approach and Powered Enterprise implementation tools, from initial “art of the possible” thinking to full realization of a new operating model. KPMG:

  • worked with Dawn Foods to find a savings of tens of millions of dollars in operational efficiencies to create cash flow that would ultimately fund the transformation journey
  • benchmarked current-state operations against competitor and marketplace data, to identify 33 potential initiatives, prioritized by business impact, risk, and competitive advantage
  • developed a ROI-driven business case that identified opportunities to generate substantial new additional annual operating income from the existing business
  • designed a target operating model to address the needed change programs across every dimension of the enterprise, including business metrics, governance, and business process changes
  • leveraged the prebuilt digital integration tools and roadmaps of KPMG Powered Enterprise to sequence initiatives and accelerate implementation
  • helped design, build, and deploy a new digital bakery business platform, based upon Google Cloud Platform cloud-enabled, microservices-based commerce architecture
  • established a customer onboarding program to support the successful adoption of new technology and processes.

Business impact

Dawn Foods is on its way to business growth and a renewed customer value proposition, using digital innovation and Google Cloud Platform as sustainable competitive advantages. Specific benefits include:

  • digital platform successfully launched in time to absorb COVID-19 impacts; all targets to date achieved across revenue, margin, and adoption
  • a thorough digital-transformation business strategy in place to support necessary investments in new processes, technology, and people skills
  • digital integration of key functions completed, including product strategy, supply chain, data and analytics, e-commerce, technology architecture, and alliance partner network
  • advanced customer-centric innovation adapted for Dawn Foods’ B2B market.


We deliver next-gen strength in the Cloud

The KPMG next-generation alliance with Google Cloud Platform synergizes Google strengths in cloud-enabled IT transformation with our own domain expertise in commerce, customer-centric innovation and digital technologies.

We build strong business cases to power digital transformation

KPMG helps our clients articulate the ROI-driven rationale for bold digital business strategies, including accelerated paths to value creation. We build strong business cases that cascade into prioritized investments and initiatives, always keeping the focus on pragmatic solutions and tangible results.

Sustainable competitive advantage begins with the customer

In an era of continuous business disruption, sustainable outperformance comes from customer-centricity. KPMG developed our digital integration framework of prebuilt tools and tested roadmaps precisely so clients can leapfrog generic challenges and move quickly to their own objectives.

Visionary companies are willing to learn from other leaders

KPMG has researched thousands of leading organizations to identify, replicate, and measure the precise drivers of customer-centric performance, all embedded in our digital transformation framework.