Intelligent disruption, brought home

KPMG helped a leading data management company streamline invoice to cash, record to report, and procure to pay across 10,000 suppliers, 31 countries and 29 currencies.

A data management company
Consolidation of financial data in Oracle Cloud
  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
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Client challenge

This company carved out its recognized leadership within big data with a disruption-as-opportunity invitation to customers. Now, it wanted to bring that “intelligent disruption” mantra home, with a bold change to several staff-side functions. Their core businesses were already strong, with high-rated data management products and a strong new-product pipeline. Leadership envisioned even more: The company would apply internally the same data transparency, access, and connectivity promised to external customers, and the results would free its core businesses for yet new waves of growth.

Our client is a catalyst in the fast-moving, cloud-based data revolution that has swept up every industry sector in which it does business. The company looked to use the KPMG Powered Enterprise approach to the cloud to consolidate and migrate its financial data from multiple platforms to a single Oracle Cloud solution.

Benefits to client

Our client’s objective is a cloud-only, subscription-based, and globally consistent Oracle Cloud platform for critical enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise performance management (EPM) functions, such as invoice to cash, record to report, and procure to pay. The company has leveraged Powered Enterprise and its preconfigured business processes and technology assets to accelerate design decisions and gain immediate access to leading practices, enabling project efforts to focus on their specific needs.

  • enterprise-wide data transparency to support streamlined procurement and invoicing functions for a network of 10,000 suppliers, in 31 countries and 29 currencies
  • through partnership with Oracle, access to next-generation financial information systems as they evolve and become available
  • leading practice insight and organizational resilience to meet anticipated challenges and realize new growth opportunities.


Our client wanted rapid and comprehensive technology transformation. KPMG used Powered Enterprise enabled by Oracle to quickly adopt a target operating model drawn from leading practices, helping the company circumvent time-consuming discovery conversations. A fast implementation schedule was put into place, using Powered Enterprise’s preconfigured process models, workflow tools, and technical accelerators to move through predictable—and avoidable—resource- or time-intensive tasks, without sacrificing quality. The project also:

  • incorporated discrete vision, validation, construction, deployment, and evolution stages to maintain quality standards throughout the project
  • consolidated multiple legacy technologies (e.g., PeopleSoft, Coupa, and Hyperion) onto a single, global Oracle Cloud platform for procure to pay and record to report functions
  • used the company’s own cloud products for data integration to and from Oracle Cloud
  • coordinated with a stakeholder team drawn from the company’s financial planning and analysis, tax, audit/compliance, procurement, general ledger, accounts payable, fixed assets, IT, and geographic-market functions to steer the project from launch to completion.

KPMG insights

We bring the grey matter that connects solutions

Powered Enterprise distills decades of KPMG experience and insight into a tested, ready-to-use portfolio of roadmaps, processes, tools and accelerators for Oracle Cloud. It frees KPMG professionals to deliver the nuanced, case-specific thinking that delivers business value and outcomes to client stakeholders.

Informatica testimonial

KPMG Powered Enterprise helped this company circumvent time-consuming discovery conversations and get the rapid and comprehensive technology transformation it desired.