Usability as true north

KPMG helped a global payments company design and build a procurement solution that integrates people, processes and technology into a user-centric whole.

Global payments and technology company
Financial services
Coupa e-procurement implementation
  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
  • Approach
  • KPMG insights

Client challenge

For this global payments and technology company, the user experience is everything—the fixed compass point around which a future of cashless, frictionless transactions revolves. When the leadership of the procurement organization discovered less-than-acceptable levels of user satisfaction inside the company, it leapt into action. KPMG was asked to bring the company’s global procurement model up to its own usability standards, using Coupa cloud technology.

Building on earlier company initiatives to standardize and globalize procurement, KPMG helped our client design and build a solution that integrates people, processes, and technology into a user-centric whole. The global organization has gained the controls and transparency it needs to make strategic procurement decisions. And inside the workplace, 20,000 employees enjoy the same kind of experience they receive when using their company’s products in their daily lives.

Benefits to client

KPMG has advanced our client’s commitment to leading-practice e-procurement, with a technology solution configured to its needs. Specific benefits include:

  • business processes, organization, and skills aligned, powered on a single, global cloud platform
  • the external value proposition of “usability” delivered for 20,000 internal stakeholders
  • spend reporting available out of a single platform, Coupa, with a standardized data governance
  • the three-tiered organizational structure—Global Category Management, Regional Sourcing, and Sourcing Center of Excellence—supported, strengthened, and enabled by Coupa platform
  • global preferred supplier framework established, enabled by fast-track onboarding and engagement process.


KPMG combined deep insight with accelerated implementation to drive value for our client, integrating technology, process, and people into an advanced global procurement model. KPMG:

  • used an iterative prototype development process—with a high focus on usability testing—to configure Coupa’s Source-to-Order, Supplier Information Management, and Contract Lifecycle Management solutions to business requirements
  • incorporated specialized requirements from mission-critical procurement teams such as Third-Party Risk Management (responsible for vendor due diligence) and Legal (contract review)
  • deployed KPMG Powered Enterprise to implement in four-phased, regional cutovers: North America and Canada; Latin America, Europe and Middle East Africa; and Asia Pacific
  • embedded change management work streams to support user buy-in throughout the project lifecycle, alongside training, user skills development, and go-live support.

KPMG insights

Employees are consumers, too

Leading organizations understand that employee expectations for user ease and functionality are conditioned by their experiences as consumers outside the workplace. We bring a consumer-informed, end-user focus to process and technology challenges, including benchmarked data from thousands of organizations.

Clients want trusted advisors who deeply understand their chosen technology solutions

KPMG uses technology alliances with Coupa and other cloud procurement platforms to deliver immediate product and company insight to clients. They benefit from strong day-to-day working relationships that include hundreds of jointly undertaken cloud migrations.

We speak all dialects of procurement

Clients who undertake strategic procurement initiatives want and value both granular technical insights as well as a thorough understanding of procurement leading practices. KPMG has deep knowledge of configurations and integrations while also being a leader in areas such as strategic sourcing, contract management, supplier management, data analytics, organization design, and category management.

Decisive leaders want to move quickly

When client leadership teams stake out ambitious goals for procurement change, the prebuilt solutions, roadmaps, and accelerators of KPMG frameworks like Powered Enterprise help them get there quickly, leapfrogging generic challenges to arrive at tangible results.

This client benefitted from KPMG's consumer-informed, end-user focus to process and technology challenges, including benchmarked data from thousands of organizations.