Benchmarking an investment firm's DevOps implementation

KPMG helped the company understand how its workflows for IT and technology product development compared to industry leading practices.

A leading investment management company
Financial services
IT assessment: Continuous integration and delivery


A global leader in financial services sought KPMG to assess their current Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) implementation and compare it with industry leading practices, while ensuring their ability to satisfy key controls, risk, and change management in preparation for a future audit. 


  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
  • Approach

Client challenge

With a high number of development projects ongoing, this client needed to scale and mature CI/CD capabilities in order to realize efficiency and quality gains. They lacked understanding of how existing workflow compared to leading practices and also needed a road map to guide enhancement efforts.

Benefits to client

For the company's C-suite executives, KPMG provided an overview of the benefits and current state of the company's DevOps implementation. For its IT Operations and Development functions, KPMG provided a gap analysis report, comparing the company's processes to industry leading practices. KPMG also offered a list of prioritized, specific recommendations for future implementation. The IT Operations and IT Audit teams of this company are now prepared with readiness plans for the future. 


KPMG's evaluation efforts included:

  • interviews with key stakeholders and users in IT Operations, Development, the Testing Center of Excellence, Change Management and IT Audit functions.
  • assessing of the current state of CI/CD process, workflow, and established control gates
  • assessing whether and how each of the established key controls were satisfied by the CI/CD pipeline.


We bring a multidisciplinary team to work closely with clients to understand  the current state, objectives and culture to build a transformation plan that breaks down functional siloes and focuses on employees. The engineering culture and practices we promote help our clients adopt advanced DevOps capabilities with a focus on the highest impact capabilities for the organization and its people. We help client teams become product-focused and business-aligned, empowered with standardized reporting to track adoption and impact.