Adopting modern delivery speeds a consumer bank's product development

KPMG helped this client leverage practices from Lean, Agile, DevOps and SRE to reduce time from ideation to production by 50%.

A multinational consumer bank
Financial services
DevOps transformation


Our client, a large multinational bank, is on a journey to transform its solution development, delivery, and operations by adopting modern practices from Lean, Agile, DevOps and SRE. Modern delivery capabilities were needed to standardize the approach for multiple lines of businesses and build a shared reference implementation. The business objectives: faster value flow between the business and IT, reduce operations ‘run the engine’ budget, reduce the mean time to repair  and P1 incidents and reduce time to market for new ideas.

  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
  • Approach

Client challenge

The client needed to:

  • build a shared understanding of DevOps through its current state of capabilities across a large number of globally distributed teams
  • ensure a comprehensive transformation plan to include culture, training and  development, Agile maturity, and adoption of new DevOps capabilities
  • develop a reference implementation model to standardize and scale across 1500 applications
  • identify opportunities to eliminate the toil from the CI/CD pipeline, operations, and monitoring. 

Benefits to client

KPMG helped this client make significant improvements:

  • 75% of teams deliver with velocity stability above 70%
  • time from idea to production fell 50% 
  • releases per month increased 25%
  • P1s fell by 20% and customer impacts fell by 25%
  • more than 95% of issues are self-identified and more than 95% of audits are satisfactory
  • more than 75% of the team members contribute to the code
  • wait-time for standard change went to zero.


To help this client, KPMG:

  • built a comprehensive strategy and plan based on gap assessment for:

a) product team adoption of DevOps practices

b) conversion of production management

c) install DevOps capabilities

d) training and development

  • deployed standardized reporting model to track progress using common KPIs across lines of business
  • created an end-to-end reference model based on industry leading practices for the DevOps value chain
  • conducted DevOps workshops that broke down silos and developed a shared understanding between the product owner, Development and Operations.


We bring a multi-disciplinary team to work closely with clients to understand the current state, objectives and culture across the board to build a transformation plan that breaks down silos and focuses on employees. We also bring engineering culture and practices to help adopt advanced DevOps capabilities by focusing on the highest impact capability for the organization and its people. We enable the teams to become product focused, to achieve business alignment, to integrate development and operations and to standardize reporting for tracking adoption and impact.