Strategic use of cloud enables better, faster IT

KPMG helped a major transportation and logistics company get a clear view of where cloud services would, and would not, be a good fit.

A transportation and logistics company
Transportation and logistics
Cloud strategy
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Client challenge

The client, the Information Technology (IT) group at a major transportation and logistics company, was not effectively meeting the expectations of its internal clients. To overcome this challenge, the organization wanted to put systems in place that provides on-demand self-service, anywhere-anytime access, flexibility to grow or shrink to meet the needs of the business, and resources for computing, storage, and applications.

Client benefits

At the end of the engagement – which focused on developing a strategy to improve service quality, increase speed to market for new IT services, and reduce costs – there was strong consensus among client stakeholders for cloud solutions and a clear adoption path. The IT group had a clear view of where cloud services would, and would not, be a good fit, enabling the leaders to set priorities for investments in the most beneficial areas.


KPMG’s ability to look holistically at the opportunities, risks, and the potential benefits of cloud computing, together with the client’s experience working with us on previous projects, made them confident in our ability to deliver what was needed. We helped this client:

  • Determine the cloud vision: We conducted interviews and facilitated workshops to create a common understanding about the objectives, options, and constraints related to cloud-based solutions.
  • Define the target state: We conducted market research and held workshops to determine use cases for cloud-based solutions. During the workshops, we collaborated with the client to outline the organization and roles needed to support the future-state model and understand the process and technology changes that would be required. We also created a tool to help the client make decisions about when and how to use cloud-based services.
  • Create the road map: We worked closely with the client to make a detailed and action-oriented plan that outlined near-term initiatives and long-term opportunities.

KPMG insights

A cloud solution is more than technology

The cloud changes the way technology is managed, so organizations considering a move to cloud solutions should make sure they are prepared to handle the technology, processes, and people that are critical to a successful transition.

Get key players on the same page

People in different roles have different understandings, concerns, and approaches related to cloud services. Discussing all the perspectives and reaching consensus through workshops is critical to a successful implementation.

IT’s role changes

In a cloud environment, IT facilitates business services. The group should be concerned less about how IT services are provided than how well the service enables the business.

The client’s experience working with us on previous projects made them confident in our ability to deliver what was needed.