Client Story

Powering a leadership evolution

KPMG scalable on demand services are helping a television broadcasting company maintain an advanced level of ERP and cloud-powered innovation.

Linsey Ryan

Linsey Ryan

Principal, Enterprise Solutions, KPMG US

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A U.S. television broadcasting network
Technology, media and telecommunications
KPMG Powered Evolution On Demand Services
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Client challenge

A relentless focus on the core business of station ownership and broadcast content has propelled the company into its leadership position as one of the largest television networks in the U.S. 

As the company prepares for future growth, it wanted to sustain its previous investment in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) innovation as the business evolves. Several challenges came to light during their preparation, however. Three legacy managed services providers led to unpredictable costs and lack of flexibility. Scalable solutions that anticipate future acquisitions, which would expand demands on the back-office functions, were required. With the recent adoption of Oracle-enabled ERP cloud technology and processes, the leadership felt additional training and skills development were needed to support full adoption of new behavior and mind-sets. They also felt a need for steady-state back-office support and a refreshing of the target operating model, so that the organization could maintain an advanced level of ERP and cloud-powered innovation.

Because KPMG had previously worked with this client to successfully bring its HR, finance, and supply chain systems to industry-leading standards, the choice of an adviser to help extend, sustain, and improve their standards, enabling the continued focus on core competencies, was clear.

Benefits to client

Using Powered Evolution to extend the benefits of an earlier Oracle-enabled ERP transformation, the company remains positioned to meet changing industry, technology, and regulatory conditions. Specific benefits include:

  • a scalable on demand services approach that helps our client stay focused on core competencies of broadcast content and M&A-driven growth
  • a hybrid fixed-fee-plus-demand-fee cost structure for on demand technical support that provides value and predictability
  • flexible, KPMG-supplied staff resources for our client’s Oracle HCM, Finance, and SCM cloud solutions
  • proactive monitoring and assessment of the target operating model to support improvement initiatives
  • a “continuous transformation” mind-set embedded into the back-office processes, technology, and people.


KPMG helped this client migrate to a Powered Evolution on demand services approach. With minimum disruption to the business, users gained access to KPMG help-desk assistance and specialized technical skills, and the company preserves its investment in ERP innovation, with the means to sustain it as the business evolves. The KPMG team:

  • used the improvements from a recent KPMG-led back-office transformation—including cloud-enabled reporting and process standardization—as the baseline for system stabilization
  • transitioned the company from three legacy managed services providers to Powered Evolution, setting up a base service plus selected on demand services cost structure to deliver both cost predictability and flexibility
  • structured Oracle ERP case resolution to smoothly integrate in-house staff with KPMG on demand services staff, coordinated by an on-site, single point of contact KPMG manager
  • integrated processes for target operating model governance, release management, and application maintenance into the company’s Oracle ERP design.

KPMG insights

Business transformation is not just about “getting there.” It’s about staying there.

KPMG developed Powered Evolution precisely so businesses like this broadcast network can maintain the strategic momentum gained from KPMG Powered Enterprise transformation and continue to deliver measurable results when industry, technology, and regulatory conditions change.

Decisive leaders want to move quickly

The Powered Evolution approach—like Powered Enterprise—distills KPMG’s experience and insight into prebuilt and proven components, so clients can leapfrog generic issues and take accelerated paths to their chosen objectives, with minimum disruption to the business.

KPMG Powered Evolution offers this company access to KPMG help-desk assistance and specialized technical skills, preserving its investment in ERP innovation and strategic momentum as the business evolves.