Thinking five moves ahead

KPMG helped a global bank holding company advance its procurement function as part of its market-winning strategy.

A global bank holding company
Financial services
Coupa e-procurement solution
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Client challenge

This global bank holding company successfully anticipates change. The company maintains its competitive position through continuous preemptive innovation, whether in hiring practices, agile business process design, digital commerce options, or hybrid retail outlets that combine banking with a café experience. When the company asked KPMG for help in refining its e-procurement function, the bar was set implicitly high: Put a strategic solution into place for the “smartest folks in the room.”

KPMG combined its KPMG Powered Enterprise framework with a Coupa e-procurement cloud platform. Our client received the immediate procurement enhancements it required, delivered with speed and efficiency. Working with KPMG, the company also received something more: a team matched to its ambitions and able to respond as it thinks and acts “five moves ahead.”

Benefits to client

KPMG has helped the holding company to realize its strategic procurement vision at a level appropriate for an organization that asks not only “What challenges do we need to meet today?” but also “What solutions do we need to anticipate 5, 10, and 15 years from now?” Specific benefits include the following:

  • improved user experience for 45,000 internal users and 9,500 suppliers, focused on simplicity, transparency, and intuitive functionality that encourages self-service and new behavior
  • Accounts Payable, Procurement, and Sourcing operations consolidated in a single enterprise spend management organization
  • Supplier Information Management functionality established, with real-time information accessible to customers via Coupa dashboard reporting
  • very strong Week One performance metrics: System accessed by 4,000 individual users; 2,900 purchase orders generated; 2,800 invoices approved; and 874 suppliers linked in to new system.


KPMG used the prebuilt components of Powered Enterprise to configure a Coupa P2P cloud solution to the company’s specifications of process standardization, a simplified user experience, and improved expedited reporting. KPMG:

  • developed a Coupa Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Core Model through more than 80 design workshops conducted with nine stakeholder groups
  • tested and deployed the model to all of the company’s offices in North America and the U.K., in tandem with KPMG-developed training and post go-live maintenance and support for 45,000 users
  • during the course of the engagement, worked closely with the client to integrate three major upgrades of its P2P platform, in order to enable new features
  • provided organization design and business process design insight to integrate a previously separate Accounts Payable function into enterprise spend management, alongside other procurement functions.

KPMG insights

Clients want trusted advisors who deeply understand their chosen technology solutions

KPMG uses technology alliances with providers like Coupa to deliver immediate product and company insight to clients. They benefit from our strong day-to-day working relationship with our technology partners and dozens of jointly undertaken cloud migrations.

We speak all dialects of procurement

Clients who undertake strategic procurement initiatives value granular, technical expertise in functions such as procure-to-pay, source-to-pay, general ledger, accounts payable, and general ledger. We use dynamic frameworks like KPMG Powered Procurement to quickly deliver the distilled sum of our experience and insight in these areas.

Visionary organizations need partners who can keep pace with them

KPMG works with forward-looking clients from an understanding that delivered results are just the beginning of a longer journey. The specialized insight, scale, stamina, and flexibility of KPMG empower them to keep pushing the envelope in their industries.

KPMG works with forward-looking clients from an understanding that delivered results are just the beginning of a longer journey.