Legal Operations Insider

Brought to you by the KPMG Legal Operations Transformation Services Team.

Providing insights to help you transform your legal operations to effectively and efficiently create value.

The legal profession is at an inflection point. General counsel and legal operations leaders are playing a more strategic role, adding value to their businesses in new ways. As business models change and become increasingly complex – and businesses navigate a more intrusive and prescriptive legal and regulatory environment – it is imperative for legal departments to modernize and transform. Our KPMG Legal Operations Transformation Services (LOTS) can help you build a competitive advantage, improve performance, and create a better experience for your legal team, organization and clients.

In the Legal Operations Insider we share insights about:

  • Innovative approaches that legal teams are taking to modernize
  • How legal teams can effectively and efficiently generate and demonstrate value for key stakeholders
  • Tools and approaches to help your legal team accelerate to deliver ‘law at the speed of business’

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