Craft patient experiences that drive access and equity

Seamless journeys drive better health outcomes and higher operational performance

Improving patient experience fuels higher performance across key metrics: Access and equity. Operational efficiency. Revenue growth.

How easy or difficult is it for a patient to schedule an appointment and be seen by the right provider? How long does it take to complete the registration process at a hospital? And, how is follow-up care provided after discharge? These questions point to just a few moments that matter throughout a patient’s experience.

When experiences are more seamless across a healthcare enterprise, it does more than increase patient satisfaction. For patients, it expands access to care and enables greater health equity. For healthcare organizations, it drives higher operational efficiency and revenue performance.

KPMG helps healthcare leaders identify opportunities to harmonize legacy processes and systems. The goal: smoother, simpler, more patient-centric journeys across your healthcare enterprise. We also help you implement solutions – and manage the organizational change that’s essential to driving adoption and realizing sustainable value.

Key questions for patient experience leaders

As a patient experience leader, you’re at the forefront of reimagining healthcare. Ready to amplify your impact? Start by asking these questions.

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