Align your enterprise for direct-to-consumer growth

Consumer & Retail leaders: Build trust and sustain growth with seamless, relevant, and engaging direct-to-consumer experiences.

To create sustainable value, break through silos. Link systems and data. Strengthen connections across your enterprise.

Customer and employee expectations keep increasing. So do opportunities to drive direct-to-consumer (DTC) growth through greater personalization and higher efficiency.

Yet, despite your investments in digital, your organization may still be challenged to deliver seamless DTC experiences across channels. Among the most common reasons: functional silos and disjointed systems. If you’re tired of such limitations – especially given the pace of disruption – it’s time for change.

It’s time to evaluate your digital ecosystem and DTC strategy, and then harmonize and align those resources through a customer lens. That way, you aren’t creating point solutions in isolation. Rather, you’re aligning systems, processes, and functions together to improve DTC experience, enhance efficiency, and drive sustained growth across the enterprise.

KPMG Connected Enterprise for the Consumer & Retail sector offers a roadmap for making that happen – positioning your organization to continue innovating and scaling over time.

Are you ready for the future of commerce?

To deliver seamless customer experiences, you need to connect functions, systems, and data. Explore the four pillars that define the customer-centric future of commerce.

Look beyond today’s limitations. Build a Connected Enterprise to give customers relevant, personalized experiences that build trust, support efficiency, and drive growth.

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