Cost Efficiency: Definition and Strategies for CFOs

Cost efficiency is a critical consideration. KPMG shares how CFO’s lead enterprise cost optimization efforts through proactive cost-reduction strategies.

Proactive cost reductions that support long-term strategic goals

Resilience and recession-proofing 

Cost efficiency—the ability to maximize profit while minimizing expenditures—is a key component of productivity. Although it is something organizations should always strive for, many embrace cost discipline fully only during difficult times. As we enter a potential recession, those times are now.   

KPMG offers insights into how CFOs can build resilience into their organizations through improvements in their cost structure that support long-term strategic goals.

How to play offense against a recession

Facing the prospect of a downturn, CFOs need to focus on building a leaner, more cost-efficient finance function through process, technology, and workforce efficiencies.

Three levers to optimizing costs

KPMG offers a solution-focused approach based on speed to insight, integrated strategies, and a structured framework.

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