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How to generate marketing intelligence reports with clicks, not code

According to Invesp’s recent report “The Importance of Data Driven Marketing – Statistics and Trends”, data-driven marketing increases ROI, with data-driven personalization campaigns delivering five to eight times the ROI on campaign spend. As a result, CMOs have been prioritizing investments in marketing data and analytics, but the majority of senior marketing leaders are still lacking confidence and efficiency in using data-informed insights to drive revenue in marketing activities. Eighty-seven percent of marketers consider their organization’s data to be underutilized. Although marketers have had a significant increase in access to useful data in recent years, it is apparent that marketing teams still aren’t fully delivering data analyses that provide the clear path forward that CMOs and other senior stakeholders need to direct the future course of marketing. Why? Marketers struggle with a number of technical challenges – lack of data unification tools, dependencies on strapped IT teams for building and maintaining large numbers of frequently changing APIs, and the complexity of synthesizing all the various metric and field mappings across their marketing channels. Marketers need these actionable insights in a timely and comprehensive manner to continue to improve and optimize their campaigns, but these technical barriers make it a real challenge. This is consistent with our experience - as demonstrated in our “Maximize Value from Marketing Spend” report, marketing departments are struggling to allocate and optimize their marketing investments.

To address this challenge, KPMG has partnered with Salesforce and their Marketing Cloud Intelligence platform (formerly known as Datorama). With Marketing Cloud Intelligence, marketers can unify their data sources across the entire customer journey to gain a deeper understanding of customer engagement and brand sentiment and draw near real-time insights that are actionable to optimize campaign performance and ROI. This allows marketers to combine marketing data into one single source of truth for holistic reporting, measurement and optimization, and access to that actionable data makes marketing optimization a possibility.

How marketers can drive business growth with Marketing Cloud Intelligence

1) Data unification

With marketing organizations managing an average of 24 different data sources, it has become increasingly difficult to capture and sustain a comprehensive view of the customer. Multiple data platforms and dashboards across the marketing landscape have been increasingly insightful across paid search, social media, native, display, print and broadcast advertising – but the extra insights come with the arduous task of managing the firehose of information. A tool like Marketing Cloud Intelligence aggregates those siloed data sources and then allows marketers to map and harmonize each data sources’ unique data fields for a consolidated view of the customers.

2) Gaining autonomy

Marketing organizations are stuck at an impasse. They must continue to gain information and insights on their customers to optimally hone their marketing messages, but not all marketers are equipped to build powerful dashboards to analyze and report on the available information. And let’s face it – marketers aren’t developers, but because of the complexity of the data sources required for marketers to uncover insights and optimally reach their customers, this lack of technical expertise can be a barrier. The ingestion, cleansing, and harmonization of data across channels often requires advanced skill sets that marketers just don’t have. Marketing Cloud Intelligence allows marketers to offset IT resources and provides automation tools to facilitate consistent data preparation with no coding knowledge, and this frees them up to focus on driving improvements based on the actionable data. The future rests in the hands of marketers who are collecting a unified and near-real time view of their customers.

Without a platform to integrate different data sources, marketers are left with two options:

  • Learn complex coding languages to integrate data
  • Adapt a new software that will automatically integrate data across all platforms

To maintain and accelerate growth, marketing organizations will need to invest in integrated marketing platforms to understand the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Marketing intelligence is not a quick fix, and even consulting firms don’t always have the skills needed to help companies succeed. In fact, KPMG is just one of only 10 global Marketing Cloud Intelligence partners delivering a full data analytics solution. With the right data analytics solutions, companies increase their ability to drive growth and take market share. Providing action insights and reducing time spent on data preparation, marketers can now enable their organizations to be nimble and agile in their go-to market approach. Capturing market demand and intelligence at the right time will transform any organization’s ability to make faster, better decisions.

Alleviating marketers from the burden of unifying and analyzing data will free up time to drive optimization and growth. The future is led by companies and organizations that are willing to invest in marketing intelligence platforms to better understand their customers and provide them a more personalized and tailored experience. By implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence with expertise of KPMG, marketers will be equipped with the unified data to positively impact ROI and drive growth for the business.

3) Data Analytics and Optimization

After data integration and harmonization are completed, Marketing Cloud Intelligence allows marketers to quantify insights from customer interactions in a diverse mix of channels and identify marketing’s contribution to business growth. However, marketers often face challenges of sharing those insights with key stakeholders or applying learnings to strategies in time. Marketing Cloud Intelligence supports marketers to use post-campaign reports with continuous insights for different goals and foster alignment and collaboration for further growth of their businesses.

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